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Oozing Wound
High Anxiety

I guess an Oozing Wound would be a cause of High Anxiety. This Oozing Wound are a bunch of stoners from Chicago, whose music sounds as though they are fuelled by something more stimulating. Their sound meets halfway between sludgy rock and thrash metal and it has to be said, it’s quite exciting. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.

Oozing Wound
Whatever Forever

If the name doesn’t paint a pretty enough picture for you, the nihilist torrent of abuse you get from them for putting their albums on should do it. Discordant, thrashy, trashy, and bash, bash, bash your head against a wall riffs. They care for nothing… except head banging. Vinyl edition comes with etching on one side, but who cares.

Oozing Wound
Earth Suck

Thrash heads Oozing Wound make a monolithic sound that defies the science of being a three-piece. Their new record, the wonderfully titled 'Earth Suck', follows up 'Retrash', continuing their almost academic reverence for thrash metal past and present, as well as their inane and gleefully dark lyrics.

Black Pus / Oozing Wound

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