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The Growlers
Not. Psych!

You may think the Growlers would play grungy psych rock and garage but as the title suggests, the band are a much sunnier proposition. Their sound is more in tune with surf and beach pop taking influence from the twangy likes of the Ventures to produce sunny day pop songs high on melodicism and low on dirt. They've squeezed seven tracks onto this EP which mysteriously comes out on post-classical imprint 130701.   
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The Growlers
Natural Affair

L.A. underground legends The Growlers have been burrowing away releasing albums and building up a fanbase without too many people knowing about them. They worked with The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas in 2016, who helped hone their sound to a more radio-friendly alt-pop, a sound which has carried through to their latest, self-produced album, Natural Affair.

The Growlers
City Club

Foals and the Arctic Monkeys go on a road trip right, to a Californian desert strip club… no no, wait, wrong story, but it’s close. Intricate guitar plunking turns to sweet indie pop choruses with a snarled vocal, all tinged with a drop of whiskey. Plus it’s the first album produced by Julian Casablancas.
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The Growlers
Chinese Fountain

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The Growlers
Hung At Heart

The third LP from surf-rockers The Growlers Hung At Heart arrives on Fatcat Records. Nothing to reinvent the wheel here, just a collection of feel-good ‘60s fetishism in the vein of Allah-Las, The Black Keys and such like. One noteworthy feature is Hung At Heart’s production, a sound so scrupulously retro that it takes on a hauntingly hypnagogic quality.

The Growlers / Thee Ludds

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