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Tal National

With one of Niger’s most popular bands going global in 2013 after Fat Cat released their excellent Kaani, Tal National look to grow their globalising fan base with their third LP Tantabara. It’s another whirlwind mix of Desert Blues, West African funk and polyrhythmic rock that is sure to soundtrack parties in ever-further-flung corners of the world.
  • CD (FATCD149)

Tal National
Zoy Zoy

Niger’s favourite band, Tal National have gathered a strong Western audience since the release of their previous album Kaani. Zoy Zoy is their latest effort which blends African folk together with some electronic elements, melding fantastically together to create a twist on traditional African folk tunes.
  • CD (FATCD137)

Tal National

Hailing from Niger in West Africa, Tal National make rhythmically complex works with knotty riffs and soft, subliminal percussion that keeps their technical prowess warm and enticing. Led by Hamadal Issoufou Moumine's relentless vocal narratives, Kaani is a record of constant, ever-streaming energy -- always active, never passive.
  • CD (FATCD126)