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Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson

Sometimes, things are divisive. You see, there's a certain spread. A good one. And it has managed to completely own this idea. But I'm not going to mention. Not when describing Peter Simpson's confidently wacky vocals. He over pronounces every word in a way utterly unique to him. On this self-titled mini album accompanies himself on simple synth lines to create an utterly bizarre pop music. 

Circuit Breaker
Hands Return To Shake

If you can imagine the vocal stylings of ‘80s goth-punks such as Bauhaus and Killing Joke and the angular new wave of Wire paired with the pristine synth work and dissonant electronic sounds of acts such as Autechre and Pan Sonic then you’re close to imagining the sound of sibling duo Circuit Breaker. Their debut album Hands Return To Shake will please fans of industrial rock, new wave and IDM alike.

Circuit Breaker

Return of London-based industrial duo, brothers Edward and Peter Simpson aka Circuit Breaker. This is their first release on vinyl and the band have been receiving some rave reviews, noteably from wibbly mentalist Julian Cope, who praised the "stark, tripped-out songs, alienated lyrical content and old synthesizer technology." For fans of the most primitive of industrial sounds, post punk and degenerate electronica. 

Winters Split

ELS is the solo moniker of Edward Simpson, one half of London duo Circuit Breaker who’ve previously toured with Sleaford Mods. Rather than continue down the glitchy, messed-up post-punk sounds of his main band, Simpson withdraws into introspective electronica for this six-track debut EP release Winters Split. 

Circuit Breaker
My Descent Into Capital

Circuit Breaker make music that brings industrial sonics into the present day. My Descent Into Capital is their fullest statement to date, taking the length of a whole album to hammer into the bleak truths of life under the neoliberal rule of late capitalism… with synths and drum machines! Out on Harbinger Sound.

Circuit Breaker

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