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Beau Wanzer

Chicago weirdo Beau Wanzer returns to Ron Morelli’s Long Island Electrical Systems with a typically idiosyncratic EP. This self-titled affair...view item »

Transformation / Beau Wanzer
Kozmik / Orbit

This split 12” on Nation offshoot Kode plays two of techno’s more idiosyncratic voices off against each other. Transformation’s offering is a...view item »

Mutant Beat Dance
Mutant Beat Dance

This self-titled record from Mutant Beat Dance is more of a debut opus than a debut LP. Featuring 25 tracks spread out over six (!) records/two CDs, and with the box-set including a booklet, Mutant Beat Dance is a lavish piece. With so much time to play with the music here is unsurprisingly varied. Founding members ...view item »

Beau Wanzer
Issue No. Twenty

Given that Jealous God have dropped brutalist EPs by the likes of Broken English Club and Varg, it was perhaps only a matter of time before they called in a favour from darkwave dynamo Beau Wanzer. Issue No. Twenty is a perpetual motion machine, increasing in speed and ...view item »

Maiden Japan / The Gold Room

Juzer is the tasty pair-up of Beau Wanzer with Dan Jugel, each of whom have been carving out good slices of weirdstyle techno and dance electronics for some time. Now they do it together...view item »

Beau Wanzer
Untitled II

Untitled II is a treat for Beau Wanzer fans: it’s the result of an archive trawl, digging out wild high-quality cuts that for whatever reason didn’t make it out there before. The 12 tracks (including ‘Dr Dre’s Smelly Feet’ and ‘Shitty Cough 14’) are heavy and dirty and broken-so...view item »

Beau Wanzer

Electronic polymath Beau Wanzer dabbles in every possible world conceivable, making music that's abrasive as well as reflective, uncompromisingly bizarre and smoothly-sailed. His debut record comes from recordings made between 2002 and 2008, spanning six years of musical content. It's self-titled, genre-hopping and rather DIY....view item »

Crepes EP

Dark Entries takes a break from its regular program of eighties coldwave / EBM reissues to release some brand new music from De-Bons-en-Pierre, aka Beau Wanzer and Maoupa Mazzocchetti. The Crepes EP was recorded in a single day in Brussels: six electro-industrial jams, all single takes....view item »

Beau Wanzer

Everyone’s favourite Chicago-based molecular biology researcher/off-kilter not-quite-house music producer Beau Wanzer drops a self-released limited 7”. “It’s a Holiday” is anything but, with its rhythmically faltering conveyer belt, industrial pounds and robotic interjections. The three-tracker is s...view item »

Knock Knock, Who's Dead?

A cracking 13-track compilation cassette from Kikimora Tapes, featuring familiar and unfamiliar (at least to me) artists from the Berlin/ Chicago/ Toronto/ Detroit experimental electronic/ techno underground. Includes tracks from ...view item »

Beau Wanzer
Golden Cabinet, The Kirkgate Centre, Shipley (Saturday 2nd April)

The latest in Golden Cabinet's hopefully never ending series of shows at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley showcases prolific Chicago based producer Beau Wanzer, His raw and uncompromising music blends influences from techno, electro, minimal wave, EBM abstract noise and 80's industrial. Japanese duo Group A...view item »

CP / BW (Corporate Park and Beau Wanzer)

Duo Shane English and Jonah Lange make music together as Corporate Park. Here they have collaborated with Beau Wanzer as CP/BW. Untitled is collection of their recordings from sessions in Denton, Texas over the last three years. The influences come from all angles to display their unash...view item »

Beau Wanzer

New from Beau Wanzer is this Untitled 12”, loaded up with four tracks of compulsive-twitch inducing underslung electro. ‘Beaches of Leeches’ is especially good, parts of the mix sounding almost dubbed out while others push through shinily. Released on Beau Wanzer’s own self-title...view item »

Beau Wanzer
LP Sampler

Eclectic Chicago producer Beau Wanzer toils with industrial, house and noise music, and is set to release a self-titled record that brings together found material he's dug up from over the years -- he's prolific, you just didn't know it. The music spans over six years of Wanzer's craft, and 'LP Sampler' gives you a small taste of what'...view item »

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