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D'Marc Cantu Vinyl, CD & tapes by D'Marc Cantu at Norman Records

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D'Marc Cantu / Black Meteoric Star
Split Concept

Traxx’s Nation label is always a sure thing when it comes to odd variations on the blueprint of rugged hardware house music, and the pairing of D’Marc Cantu and Black Meteoric Star on this split release is a prime example. Cantu is actually in a relatively restrained mode here, burrowing into meditative arpeggios and scuffed beatdowns on “RDDS”, while Black Meteoric Star creates a jarring but alluring minimal wave abstraction on the live version of “Me And My Rhythm Box”.
  • Vinyl 12" (KODE02)
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D'Marc Cantu
Car Type EP (part one)

Analogue-obsessed Michigan musician D’Marc Cantu returns with a two-part EP on Run Out Run. Mysterious and lightning fast, the first track ‘Track Pattern’ goes for warp speed deep house and nails it. Polished off with ‘Spotlight’ and then ‘Car Type’ and ‘Iridescent Life’ on the flip, this early hours techno journey delves deep and opens wide. Out on 12” vinyl from Run Out Run.

D'Marc Cantu

D'Marc Cantu is a producer of acid-orientated house, renowned for helping popularise the Jakbeat genre (a pretty loosely defined term for emotive sounds found in house music). 'Zone 4' collects four new tunes from Cantu, each continuing to weave a dark science fiction narrative. Cantu claims 'Zone 4' is the first time he has written a record with a fully-formed idea unifying it. 

D'Marc Cantu
Parisian Summer

The idea behind 'Parisian Summer' came after I played the Weather Fesitval in Paris during the spring of 2013. The atmosphere was amazing and so many new ideas emerged from my experiences there. 'PartyDaze', 'Svetlan' and 'MadDance' were all created ahead of my show at La Machine that weekend. All three of those tracks were made with the purpose of capturing that raw energy that was being given off by some of the best crowds I’ve ever witnessed. In Paris they party with you not to you, so it was important for me to create songs that captured those moments when the crowd was at their most energetic.  'Irregular Bedfellows' was created as a nice counterbalance to the high energy drive of the previous three tracks and 'Uneven' was to bookend of the whole EP. D’Marc Cantu – May 2014 - Limited pressing on clear vinyl.- Incredible varied techno release.- Printed old skool 'Warp' style jacket. 5 new tracks by US producer D’Marc Cantu between house (Jack style), techno and acid. Floorfillers guaranteed.