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The Space Lady
The Space Lady's Greatest Hits

“Ethereal street musician who plays space music wearing a winged helmet”, says the website. It’s pretty bang on. The Space Lady has been playing her strange electronic music for some thirty to forty years, and now has the Greatest Hits she deserves. Weird, spacey and fun. The vinyl has a download code and the CD comes with a bonus CD.

The Space Lady
On The Street Of Dreams

Greetings earthlings, The Space Lady’s otherworldly warbles are returning to earth in the form of a new LP. “On the Street of Dreams” transmits messages of harmony and peace, with the same synths and psychedelic pop that first propelled her to fame in the 1990’s. Now seventy years old, the American musician shows no sign of returning back to the intergalactic sphere. We’ll keep her here a bit longer if that’s okay. 

The Space Lady / Burnt Ones

LA residents Burnt Ones describe their brand of fuzzy psychedelia as “amateur” and “guesswork” which suggests to me they have a sense of humour at least. They asked the otherworldly Space Lady to split an album with them and she said yes. Side one belongs to her - she glides through dreamy, lo-fi synth versions of Across The Universe, Starman and Somewhere Over The Rainbow and adds the odd original tune to the mix. Side two sees Burnt Ones do what they do, which in this case includes a version of the Space Lady classic, Synthesize Me.

The Space Lady
Major Tom / Radar Love

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