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A sound scientist and gloomy music DJ, Helena Hauff is one of Germany's finest working electronic musicians, an artist who helped bring about the ominous renaissance of noisy techno. In 2015, and after a good time spent DJing dirge at Hamburg clubs, more »

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Helena Hauff
Have You Been There, Have You Seen It

Amazingly finding time to produce new music in between appearing at every single festival and club this summer, Hamburg’s finest Helena Hauff hops from Werk Discs to Ninja Tune proper with a new single. As you might well expect, industrial, electro and acid influences splatter across this muscular batch of top-shelf dark r...view item »

Helena Hauff

Expert DJ Helena Hauff presents her second full length - a suite of her own productions, which are potent enough to stand tall alongside any of the gritty, futuristic electro she might choose to spin of an evening. Qualm is made up of direct hardware jams, and has appropriately hard-kicking results: ready for the floor,...view item »

Helena Hauff
Return To Disorder

Helena Hauff’s 2014 EP Return To Disorder gets the reissue treatment from Bunker offshoot Panzerkreuz...view item »

Helena Hauff
A Tape

Sometimes we all need our fix of hypnotic and paranoid beats on cassette, and that’s where Helena Hauff comes in. Known for her crazy electronic work so far, which is as weird as it is good, she’s now dropping some 12 tracks on A Tape. And it could be your tape. Get it freshly, well, whatever it is they do w...view item »

Shinoby vs Hypnobeat
All Things Pass Into The Night

Off to Helena Hauff-basket for a one-sided, near-10-minute slab of analogue mania. Hauff in Hypnobeat mode means her teaming up with James Dean Brown, winding up a load of modulars and letting them go all at once. They are joined here by Shinoby - indeed, this is the fourth rele...view item »

Helena Hauff
Lex Tertia

New EP from Hamburg’s Helena Hauff, full of dark, shuffling electronica and rolling rhythms. Lex Tertia (‘The Third Law’) sounds just a little bit deranged, and could potentially do amazing things on a dancefloor. Five track 12” released on Werkdiscs, the imprint of none other than Actres...view item »

Helena Hauff
Discreet Desires

‘Discreet Desires’ is the debut solo album from German electro artist Helena Hauff. Driven by a fascination with the relationship between artist and machine, Hauff creates a spontaneous, analogue generated techno, through freestyle jams and improvisation. Her debut release reflects her love for musical subcultures such as punk, nu wa...view item »

Helena Hauff
Shatter Cone

Minimal techno and don't you know it. Helena Hauff is rising to prominence as a sharp and intriguing producer, and her new 'Shatter Cone' EP presents that side of her formally. The sparse, anonymous artwork reflects the vibe the record gives out well, these four tunes a little too gloomy for a true dancefloor workout. ...view item »