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Donato Dozzy
Filo Loves The Acid

Everyone's favourite Italian lake-dweller sloshes about in the waters and then readies a new LP for Tresor. Filo Loves the Acid is a homage to the Roland TB-303 bass synth; they've given him homework to make some proper workouts with it. For someone who made a whole record out of mouth harp experiments, it should be a cake walk. 

Donato Dozzy
Afterhouse 01

Rejoice, it's another 12" from Italian house + techno wildcat Donato Dozzy on what looks another of his own labels - the debut release, no less. Details are few and far between (read: non-existent), but words such as 'house', 'futuristic' and 'forward-thinking' have been banded about. Like you need telling that Dozzy will be cutting edge.

Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy

Sintetizzatrice is collaboration between eltro-man, Donato Dozzy and vocalist Anna Caragnano. The whole album is created with one instrument; the voice of Caragnano. This is then fiddled, manipulated and stretched into beautiful forms by Dozzy, creating tracks which bridge genre entirely but are ultimately ethereal and captivating.   

Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy

Donato Dozzy co-founded new label Spazio Disponibile with fellow Voices From The Laker Neel earlier this year, and they’re already on their sixth release as 2016 draws to a close. The Paramagnetism EP sees the minimal maestro Dozzy himself team up with techno vanguard and fine art lecturer Mike Parker once again. The opener to the four-tracker is an aquatic, sound design-minded piece, followed by a venture in acidic analogues, a deep-end floor-stomper and cosmic flanging to close out the record respectively.
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Donato Dozzy

Claque Musique give Donato Dozzy's 2015 12" Cassandra a new lease of waxy life for those ears that were closed at the time. Well, get them open, cos there's a heady wave of warm house/techno on lead track/opus 'Cassandra', while things get a lot more mouth-harpy on the DJ tool 'II' but none less rhythmical. Gan 'en, Dozzer.

Leo Anibaldi
Phase II [Donato Dozzy / Marcus Henriksson Remixes]

Leo Anibaldi digs up a pair of tracks from his distant past (the originals of ‘Always From Reality’ and ‘Aeon’ were released in 1992 and 1994 respectively) and hands them over for reconsideration by two other producers. Both Donato Dozzy and Markus Henriksson work some carefully considered magic with these dubby techno classics, available on 12” from Cannibald.

Donato Dozzy
Squadra Quadra EP

Donato Dozzy returns with his trademark raw-as-hell analogue house and techno. The Squadra Quadra EP on vinyl 12” from Bunker New York captures his hyper-minimal and refined approach to crafting bangers. He may have been producing for almost twenty years, but he still knows how to surprise a dancefloor.

Donato Dozzy
The Loud Silence

Donato Dozzy decided to make this record using nothing but a selection of mouth harps, which he has treated and layered into a bizarre landscape of noises. It’s an odd, but certainly impressive piece of work. The Loud Silence is part of a series that Further Records are releasing that feature only one instrument.

Donato Dozzy / Tin Man
In Bed

Donato Dozzy / Tin Man