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The Friend + L/F/D/M
Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting

A 12” with the tile Fuck Sunsets / Balearic Fisting was never going to be interested in taking it easy: true to form, these tracks are mostly full-bore heavy techno. The Friend’s stuff is especially so, while L/F/D/M’s side of the split laces in some droney vibes as well as the aciiiid. EP on Clan Destine.
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  • L/F/D/M

Crocodiles in the Ceiling EP

Using his L/F/D/M alias, producer Richard Smith (who also works with Dom Butler of Factory Floor as Bronze Teeth and Green Gums) hits hard with the Crocodiles In The Ceiling EP, 4 tracks of take-no-prisoners, all-night banger-party music. 12” on the Ecstatic label, served up in a poly bag with an art insert.
  • Vinyl 12" (E019)
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X-Enter-O EP

L/F/D/M - that’s Love’s Flacid Disco Muscle, by the way - drops an EP of brain-bending futuro-acid for Singaporean label Midnight Shift (KiNK, Terrence Parker). Both A-sides are heavy DJ tools characterised by seasick 303s, distorted drums and grainy synth bleeps. They might fry your mixer. ‘Silver Grain’ is a bit more restrained, while the D-56M remix is a louche house take akin to Peder Mannerfelt.

Bronze Teeth

Made up of L/F/D/M and Dominic Butler (ex-Factory Floor) Bronze Teeth cut their, errr teeth, back in 2014 with their cold modular synth jams A Waif’s Rent on Diagonal. Moving over to Opal tapes, the boys haven’t warmed up but there’s a raw industrial grit to these techno jams that’ll get you shakin’.

Music Without Discipline

Music Without Discipline. What a world we live in… The latest release from Alessio Natalizia (Not Waving) & Sam Willis’ Ecstatic label comes courtesy of techno miscreant L/F/D/M. There are plenty of mutant acid stormers on Music Without Discipline - we're looking at you, ‘Birds 1’ - but this record also sees the artist dabbling in Aphex Twin-esque ambiences, old-timey industrialism and harsh noise.
  • Vinyl LP (ELP025)
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Under The Eyes Of Augustus

An hour’s worth of intensive movement music from L/F/D/M, aka Love’s Flaccid Disco Muscle, aka Richard Smith. Under The Eyes Of Augustus powers through the genres (here some acid, here some disco), but always with eyes on the prize: dance you bastards! Limited edition of 50 cassette tapes on Clan Destine.

M Is A Shape

With M is a Shape, L/F/D/M will hopefully bring us more of the minimal acid house that we’ve grown to appreciate. Reminiscent of the warm, comfortable house we remember from the sadly defunct Basic Channel label, L/F/D/M has brought us artful, cozy masterpieces before and may well do so again!


Clan Destine Records have been enthusiastically investigating the modern acid scene of late with three banging 'Dark Acid' compilation 12"s, and here's a tape on that same label from London's L/F/D/M which has similarly acidic intentions. Bumpy nostalgic beats and propulsive intuitive synth bleeps right this way.