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Gunnar Haslam
Seasick Acid

Gunnar Haslam promises us Seasick Acid on his third release for The Bunker New York (Marco Shuttle, Donato Dozzy). He definitely delivers on this front - these tracks front up lurching 303s that will make you feel like you’re raving on the high seas. ‘Seasick Version’ is more drum-heavy and ‘Leeward Tripping’ has a dubby vibe to it, but generally this thing doesn't mess around. Basically, Seasick Acid is an EP of good old-fashioned acid techno. Arr matey.

Gunnar Haslam
Lebesgue Measures

L.I.E.S. have been consistently releasing the most exciting, raw and experimental house and techno, and this vinyl LP from Gunnar Haslam continues their stunning run. Harsh walls of sound are blended with jackin’ drum machine workouts and warped 808 basslines. Lebesgue Measures is the the third album from this NYC producer.

Gunnar Haslam

New York techno doesnt come an awful lot better than in the form of Gunnar Haslam. His fourth full-length explore more abstract surroundings, taking his trademark sounds into broader universes. Kalaatsakia is a sprawling twelve-track journey across fractured beats, twisted rhythms and off-kilter melodies.

Gunnar Haslam
Scale No Flam

Firm thumpers from Gunnar Haslam, a man who is in love with acid and doesn’t care who knows it. Scale No Flam is a really potent cut that bypasses the traditional acid gear and simply mainlines the spirit of the sound. This 12” also includes a reworking of the tune by Servito and Cudmore. Released by The Bunker New York.

Valere Aude

NYC techno producer Gunnar Haslam and Vienna-based Johannes Auvinen combine their unique talents for some searing psychedelic techno. Valere Aude is their debut as Romans, but their sound crams in decades of spacey synth drones, harsh handclaps and pulsing basslines. Available on double vinyl LP and CD.

Gunnar Haslam
Mirrors and Copulation

Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S give us the 2nd LP from New York science mover Gunnar Haslam. Mirrors and Copulation has a toothpaste clean production. All shining synths, blistering drums and stone cold jack workouts. Unknown yet if his more tribal elements come into play, but L.I.E.S have made quite the name in this techno world. The truth is the truth. Out on Vinyl LP.

Gunnar Haslam
Bera Range

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