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London trio Flowers I'm sure are happy to contribute one more single to Fortuna Pop before the label calls it a day. Instead of recording new tracks the band picked out a couple of demos and previously unheard recordings including 'Rhodes' which was recorded in one take while they were waiting for the van to turn up. Wholesome i...view item »

Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

Flowers are that most popular breed - an average indie pop band. They have neither great tunes, a great sound, a great singer, originality or good musicianship. Instead they do just enough to get by.   They are the now version of the Parachute Men. They make th...view item »


Wierdly the titles on this records by these modern day twee-poppers both (almost) reference the names of recent lady companions of mine....most possibly to rub in my uselessness in such matters. On the A side ‘Joanna’ is a tale of someones deep depression over a kinda perky sorta shambolic strummy shamble. The lady’s voice is s...view item »

Do What You Want To, Its What You Should Do

The first track on un-googleable indie-poppers Flowers debut album on Fortuna Pop is proof if ever it were needed that the music industry isn’t as 'voice-ist' as people may suggest. Singer Rachel’s voice, let's face it, is somewhat of a struggle. High-pitched bordering on shrill it circles around a track very much in the vein of the ...view item »