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Into The Night Blue

Nicholas Palmer, aka Directorsound, hailing from Dorset but now London-based, is a multi-instrumentalist inspired by 60's jazz and the music from French and Spanish film. 'Into the Night' was recorded with help from Joel Danell (who has recorded Joe Davolaz and Musette), helping to provide that 1960's beach party sound. Swedish jazz-lord, G...view item »

I Hunt Alone

Sufferers from aulophobia need to be aware that there is a lot of flute work in the opening tracks to this album. Likewise if you also have fear of accordions and carefully plucked acoustic guitars, I’d stand well clear. The album is a series of complex instrumental pieces which waver in and out of focus. ...view item »

Before The March

This is more like it. Nicholas Palmer A.K.A Directorsound serenade with three pieces that invoke the fun of fairground tomfoolery as well as the sinking post fairground, back at home, bored melancholy. All three pieces are playful adventures in sound and melody that appear blissful to my ears on this rain soaked afternoon. Piano, flute, strings ...view item »

Two Years Today

This one starts off with the sound of a shoreline, bracing me for some sort of serious field recording/isolationist type effort, but then immediately cuts that shit down with some pure Hawaiian lap steel guitar and some jaunty bar room piano.. Interesting! Yeah, for the most part this record's comprised of a mixture of elements which might not a...view item »

Leaving The Moors

It's review central this week and a week wouldn't be complete without a 3" CD from Rusted Rail to coo over. Directorsound is Nick Palmer, his 7 tracks here, housed prettily in one of those dinky greetings cards, are of a very gentle nature. A bass string thrums, a harp style affair is caressed, ambient drift forms the backdrop. That's the esse...view item »

Redemptive Strikes

First up is Redemptive Strikes by Directorsound. Don't know anything about this lot but its crazy lolloping funny music with a grin on its face. A bit like circus music played on banjo's, accordians and assorted household objects.Makes me want to bound around the room in a clown-like manner bumping in...view item »

Tales from The Tightrope Vol 1

Next comes a CD by Directorsound on Power Shovel Audio. This feller had something on Geographic a while ago. This new one is home made instrumental music that often sounds like the music to some arty film with subtitles. It's a fragile kind of music that builds up slowly with horns layered on top of piano's and where all ...view item »