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John Beltran Vinyl, CD & tapes by John Beltran at Norman Records

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John Beltran
Hallo Androiden

Acclaimed composer and producer John Beltran returns to the Delsin label for the first time in five years for his latest studio creation Hallo Androiden. Although the greys and blacks of the front cover hint at something unsettling, these eight tracks are among the most serene and joyful tracks Beltran has ever created. 
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John Beltran / Mark Archer / Future Beat Alliance / Max 404

Alaska Swimming Gear offshoot De:tuned (Luke Vibert, David Morley) celebrates a decade of throwing parties and releasing records with this celebratory EP. When you see that the artist roster for DE:10.03 runs John Beltran, Mark Archer, Future Beat Alliance and Max 404 then you know that you’re in good hands. These are crisp, melodic jams that flit between acid house, techno and electro with abandon. Archer’s ‘Depth From Within’ is particularly lovely.

Placid Angles (John Beltran)
First Blue Sky

For about two decades The Cry, the hitherto-only Placid Angles LP released on Peacefrog way back in 1997, appeared to be a one-off. John Beltran clearly felt he’d said all he needed to say with the project, and The Cry’s ambient breakbeat techno stood as the sole Placid Angles full-length. What a surprise, then, to find out that Beltran has followed up The Cry twenty-two years later. First Blue Sky is a similar set of tracks, all warm pads and 808s, and it finds itself right at home on Lone and Gabriola’s Magicwire (Gnork, Project Pablo).

John Beltran
Ten Days Of Blue

Classic '90s ambient-techno album alert! It's a crisp new reissue, a repress of John Beltran's emotively delicate and expansive Ten Days Of Blue. The original LP was issued in 1996; another wonderful record to follow up Beltran's debut 'Earth & Nightfall' and a precursor to the altogether more far-away wistful 'Moving Through Here'. Beltran's work is never to be faulted but Ten Days was exemplary: textured and emotional electronica. Subtle chords, Tangerine Dream-inflected floatiness and Kraftwerkian melodies abound. Double wax on Peacefrog.

John Beltran

A career spanning over 25 years has seen Michigan born John Beltran release ten albums, appearing on Apollo, R&S, Peacefrog, Delsin and a ton of EPs on the likes of Ubiquity, Styrax Leaves, Exceptional and recently Fourtet's Text label. For his eleventh full-length he arrives on Belgium's De:tuned label with his usual high quality, soulful, emotion loaded style of deep techno and house. We can hear his formative influences of early Detrot techno and Chicago House, particularly in the Larry Heard/MrFingers inspired 'The Returning Dance. 180g vinyl, mastered by Matt Colton.

John Beltran
Faux / Faux (Four Tet Remix)

Kieran Heben, known colloquially as Mr. Tet, serves up another 12" release on his TEXT imprint. This time around, he takes a sparkly underworld tune from John Beltran, "Faux". On the flip, it gets the Four Tet remix treatment, which is a colourful take on the tune's blank surface. Dream on, friends: his remix goes for over seven minutes.