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Proto Idiot
Find Out For Themselves

‘Imagine if Thin Lizzy did a Wire covers set with Nick Lowe on bass’. That’s how loveable rascals Proto Idiot introduce their new LP Find Out For Themselves. They’re not wrong you know - this Mancunian art-garage rabble have the riffage, the angularity and the angst to back up those claims. Find Out For Themselves finds Proto Idiot back on Bad Paintings (Xiu Xiu, The Wedding Present) after issuing their last album through Slovenly.
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Leisure Opportunity

Proto-Idiot hail from Manchester and share band mates with fellow Mancs The Hipshakes. Their debut album, Leisure Opportunity has the quintessential English songwriting of, say, Ray Davies but with a delivery that is way more urgent, sharp and erratic making it classic, but absolutely for right now.

Proto Idiot
For Dummies

Manchester’s Proto Idiot resurrect the proto-punk sound for 2016, cheerfully combining snarly lead vocals with 60’s pop-chorus vocal harmonies. For Dummies is garage rock probably recorded in an actual garage, and it jumps through 13 fun-time tracks in 35 minutes. Released by the Bad Paintings label.
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Proto Idiot
You're Wrong / You Can't Hide

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