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Arthur Russell

Hot on the heels of the reissue of his orchestral opus Tower Of Meaning, here is a vinyl release for Arthur Russell’s Instrumentals, a suite of contemporary music imbued with Russell’s gorgeous ear for melody. Involved parties include Julius Eastman and Rhys Chatham. This double LP includes all the Instrumentals and two more pieces besides. On Audika, with a bonus booklet.

Wax The Van

The best-known collaboration between Arthur Russell, Bob Blank and Lola Blank is the inimitable ‘Go Bang!’, but the group were to work together on a few more numbers over the course of the ‘80s. Released under the name Lola, 1987’s ‘Wax The Van’ sees the trio slow down the frenzied disco of ‘Go Bang!’ to a sultry Balearic shuffle. This reissue of the Wax The Van EP includes two versions of the title track, a radio edit and the sexy NYC groove of ‘Jon’s Dub’.

The Necessaries
Event Horizon

A total rarity for over 35 years, even many Arthur Russell fans don't know about his involvement in this post punk band. He not only plays keyboard, cello and but contributed half the songs and sung in his unique style.  This is taut and muscular new wave though Russell's contributions sit weirdly at odds with the breezily melodic pop on offer.   

Dinosaur L
In The Corn Belt

A key Arthur Russell track from the album 24→24 Music, mixed by Larry Levan, and split over two sides of a 7”. Funky layers of percussion, disco drums, exploratory bass, psych guitar, arch quasi-operatic vox and spacey keyboards that seem to connect a lineage from Herbie Hancock to Drexciya. So much going on that it should feel cluttered, but remains strikingly spacious and airy. When it shudders to a halt it feels like a spell being broken.
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Dinosaur L
Go Bang!

‘I wanna see all my friends at once’ goes the refrain of this classic slice of Arthur Russell-helmed (for it is he) weirdo-disco. Straight from the heart of '80s New York, Russell’s Dinosaur L project was a compelling mixture of the disco and experimental scenes of the time, as evinced by this banger (geddit?). 

Dinosaur L
24-24 Music

Nice to see this one come around for a vinyl reissue. Dinosaur L is one of the many pseudonyms that the late, great Arthur Russell elected to use. 24-24 Music is his best known statement under that name, containing legit-NY-disco-hits like ‘Go Bang!’ and ‘You’re Gonna Be Clean On Your Bean’. Join the avant-tinged disco party! Double LP.
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  • Dinosaur L