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Nicolas Godin
Au service de la France (A Very Secret Service)

Nicolas Godin used to be in AIR - yes, that AIR - but now he does soundtracks and that. This score, composed for French TV spy show Au service de la France (A Very Secret Service), sees Godin assemble a small jazz orchestra and turn out fifteen pieces of library ephemera. There’s plenty of Parisia...view item »

Playground Love

This single has six tracks of about three minutes each. So you have eighteen minutes worth of music. The song itself is good. It has cute lyrics, nice instruments, and lush string background textures. The rest of the tracks are variations and mixes of "Playground Love", with the exception of "Bathroom Girl". If you haven't heard Air, they make g...view item »

The Virgin Suicides - 15th Anniversary Edition

Here we have a highly luxurious reissue of Air’s seminal soundtrack to Sofia Copolla’s film The Virgin Suicides. The slinky French sounds (plus some unreleased live tracks) are pressed to red 180g vinyl and CD, as well as a very tasty picture disc, all served up in a big box-set. Also availa...view item »


It’s time to retrospectively enjoy Air, and enjoy them we will. The French electronic duo have been making music for 20 years now, so they’ve called this ‘best of’ compilation Twentyears. The album features their career’s greatest hits such as Sexy Boy and Kelly Watch The Stars...view item »

Le Voyage Dans La Lune

I would contend that comparing Air's soundtrack for Le Voyage Dans La Lune to their previous albums would result in an improper use of context. As a soundtrack for any film, this music rates high in originality and innovation. As a soundtrack for a 115 year old, silent film by an electronic duo in their peak form, conceived and created on a short t...view item »

Premiers Symptomes

Rhino Records are in the midst of a campaign of reissuing the discography of Air, the smooth, loungey French synth-charmers. Premiers Symptomes is, appropriately enough, their debut EP, initially released in 1997 to gather up some earlier singles. Pressed to proper 180g white vinyl and freshly remastered....view item »

Casanova 70

The electronic/ambient outfit so light they condensed into the water dripping down yer car window, Air made disco sleepy and made sleep disco. 'Cassanova 70' is proof of that with lovely new wave lullabies, which can then be flipped over for slick remixes by one Brendan Lynch. A lovely classic slice of turn-of-the-millenium...view item »

Moon Safari

Remastered version 12” vinyl on Rhino. Moon Safari was the album that rocketed Air into, well, space. Couldn’t go to any record shop, or turn on any TV channel without hearing Sey Boy or Kelly Watch the Stars. Now it’s had the full treatment and back on vinyl. Comes with download code...view item »

Talkie Walkie

Rhino Records are in the midst of a campaign of reissuing the discography of Air, the smooth, loungey French synth-charmers. Talkie Walkie first came out in 2004, and is suitably Airy - and I don’t just say that because of the pun, this album feels like an early summer evening in the park with a l...view item »

10,000 Hz Legend

Rhino Records are in the midst of a campaign of reissuing the discography of Air, the smooth, loungey French synth-charmers. 10,000 Hz Legend found the group stretching out their tracks into territories more experimental than their previous LP Moon Safari. Includes the robot-voice single ‘How Does It Make...view item »

Alpha Beta Gaga

French popsters Air are back with a new single. On 12" and CD you'll most probably recognise it as the music to a mobile phone advert with whistling in. Any clearer?? I like this. I like this a lot but probably cos I've heard it a million times before. There's a nice break in the middle which reminds me of the theme to the Hitchhike...view item »

Once Upon A Time

As you'd expect from AIR, newly named kings of nouveau pop de European, wistful piano led serial styled pop ditty that's probably bound for some over emotional car advert fodder...oh sorry that was the flipside, the A side "Once Upon A Time" is pretty much in the same fashion only with a daft throwaway lyric in that sentimenta...view item »

Pocket Symphony

Now French so and so's AIR with their new coffee table album. I've always thought these lot were for women on their difficult days of the month with its sensitive and soothing understanding .Their debut album Moon Safari got so over played it was melted my ears to a slushy mush. Here they play with equal accuracy and programm...view item »