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Ancestral Voices
Night Of Visions

Manchester based producer Liam Blackburn had already staked his name in dubstep as Indigo and into darker realms of electronics as one half of Akkord with Synkro. He then turned his gaze to deep and atmospheric ambient with a techno edge, no club focus here though just dark mystical worlds. Repressed on Samurai Horo.

Ancestral Voices

With Divination, Ancestral Voices takes the beats that previously defined the project and throws them almost entirely in the bin, leaving us with mighty drone pieces, spread over six sides of vinyl. Divination’s pieces are embedded with different sorts of rhythms, and they trace out an epic soundworld. White vinyl 3LP set with runes on the sleeve, from Horo.

Memories (2008-2011)

Synkro's 2015 debut 'Changes' was an excellent slab of evocative electronica that no Burial loving household should be without. While Joe McBride does all he can to live up to this claim with a new record it's time to have a retrospective of his earlier work. These tracks show his formative years spent weaving warm sonics and emotional melodies into a satisfactory whole. 
  • CD (AMB1701CD)


Akkord take a controlled, near-scientific approach to their construction of tracks: Obelisk is an appropriate name for this EP, as it does feel like something physical (and probably threatening) is being built in front of us, out of sub-bass and sharp percussive patterns. A thick and compelling electronic edifice, on Houndstooth.

HTH040 (Regis / Fis Remixes)

Finally pressed to vinyl due to great demand, ‘HTH040’ is the final chapter in Akkord’s ‘HTH035’ package consisting of two remixes, both sourced with elements of tracks from the ‘HTH020’ EP. The first track is a left field experiment in drum and bass drone, the second an atmospheric sludgy arrangement of dub techno loops.
  • Vinyl 12" (HTH040)


Reminiscent of Cex or Hrvatski dropping acid, HTH035 features time-warping beats, paranoid pads and an inexplicable catchiness to it all. Akkord is here remixed by Fis and OG Regis, the first leaning more towards the psychedelic electronica, the latter responsible for a slowed and distorted techno-feel.
  • CD (HTH035CD)


Menacing techno 12" vinyl from Houndstooth label. HTH030 are two reworks of Akkord's HTH020 EP, via The Haxan Cloak and Vatican Shadow. Taking the HTH020 tracks a their own weird and foreboding directions, HTH030 sees both artists showcasing their esoteric production models, churning out two cryptic 4am techno leviathans.
  • Vinyl 12" (HTH030)


  • Vinyl 12" (HTH020)

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