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Tijuana Panthers Vinyl, CD & tapes by Tijuana Panthers at Norman Records

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Tijuana Panthers
Ghost Food

If, like this Norman Records™ tiddlywink, you just need a bit of good old garage-punk in your life from time to time, then you should look no further than this new EP from Tijuana Panthers. The Californian trio serve up a half-dozen morsels of impish, lovable scuzz-rock on Ghost Food. From time to time things get a little surfy, too. Jay Reatard’s an obvious influence, as is early Wavves.
  • Vinyl 10" (IL2043V )
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  • Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers
Carpet Denim

Scratch beneath the surface of the ostensibly sunny, energetic, catchy, Californian surf-punk of Tijuana Panthers and you’ll find a more wonderfully weird band than you might expect. Less 'Surfin’ USA' and more Freakshop USA. Carpet Denim is their wonderfully titled fourth album for Innovative Leisure.

Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers seem rather proud of Poster, the album seemingly representing a step-up from the torrent of material they used to release. Still though, these twelve songs were recorded in just a couple of days, and the energy of that timescale certainly comes through. Poster is released by Innovative Leisure.

Tijuana Panthers
Wayne Interest

Happy surf pop garage is always welcome during these rainy days. If you need some sun etched into beautiful vinyl grooves, Tijuana Panthers’ Wayne Interest is just what you need. Packed with short songs brimming with bright melodies and upbeat singing, this record would make even the British summer feel warm.