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TE Morris
And You Were The Hunter

And You Were the Hunter is the debut album from TE Morris. Tom (TE) Morris is the front man of Her Name Is Calla and although relatively new to releasing solo material, he has already amassed a healthy back catalogue of 5 self-released EP’s and one full length over the course of the last 18 months. 'And You Were The Hunter' sees Morris take stock and explore a bigger sonic palette than on his earlier recordings  - sparse and fragile acoustic ballads now blend with full band performances, giving his immaculate songwriting an extra dimension by wrapping it around new ideas and new sounds. Tracks: 1 Bright Spark 2 The Long Distance Runner 3 Provenance 4 Cellar Door 5 Haven 6 And you Were The Hunter 7 Memorial Day 8 Aliana 9 Hopeless 10 I Was The Last One 11 After The War Ends 12 Love Can Do All But Raise The Dead
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