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Kode9/ Loefah/ Digital Mystikz
Grime 2

Remember that Grime compilation that I didn't like very much? I said it was harsh, mechanical, soulless & empty? Rephlex must have read my review (hehehe!) cos Volume 2 is here 'n' ya know what? It's wonderful. Everything the first one wasn't. Another 3 artists on here -  Kode 9, Loefah & Digital Mystikz all sh...view item »

Coki/ Digital Mystikz
Urban Ethics

Now, this showcases the more club orientated side of the label. That slow, throbbing, malevolent post-grime end of the dubstep spectrum. Big grinding stalking android chunks of mid-range wobble ricochet through your startled mind. Then those mad monging slabs of ridiculous low-end that the DMZ collective is nowadays famed for make your stomach d...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Marduk / Enter Dimensions

Yikes, dubsteppaz! The enigmatik Coki and Mala have returned with another 12” to launch into your ear-flaps, and I'm in no doubt these tracks will be blazing their way into a dancehall near you in seconds flat. Coki offers up 'Marduk', a spacious, aggressive cut with a simple melody...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Misty Winter / Conference

Everyone's favourite Dubstepper's are back on form with two exciting releases on the mighty fine Soul Jazz label. 'Misty Winter' is trademark Mystikz with its rolling percussion, heavy as hell sub-bass and rasta samples. 'Conference' is wicked too and sees them getting back to their deeper melodic style rather than the minimal a...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Education/ Horrid Henry

Well this is a special occasion in my calendar > A new Digital Mystikz 12" proper!!!!! From the first four bars I'm in it, a slightly melancholy synth hovers over solid, rolling drums, a barely decipherable Jamaican sounding vocal and then the track winds down to almost nothing then builds again this time with a gritty, gnarly bass growling a...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Return II Space

Was dreaming about a possible Digital Mystikz artist album dropping one day. After the increasingly volatile and cartoonish 12"s on DMZ (obviously attempting top kill off that zig-zagging mid range wobble by saturating their records with it) Mala arrives with a triple pack 12" called 'Return II Space'. A more considered & atmospheric approac...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Walkin' With Jah/ Earth A Run Red

'Walkin' With Jah' is more of the same really with the tempo upped slightly 'Earth A Run Red' is slower with that squelchy dub skank. Imagine dancing in a big pool of syryp with a big fat reefer in your hand. Sloooww. If you know their sound then you know what to expect really but they seem to have pulled their socks up somewhat and are gettin...view item »

Digital Mystikz/ Kode 9
Wait / Magnetic City

Soul Jazz enrole two of the hottest producers in the dubstep scene. Guess who?????? Nope not Rod Hull and Emu. Digital Mystikz and Kode 9 both of DMZ and Hyperdub fame respectiveley. This is a one off white label sampler for the forthcoming 'Box Of Dub' album. The Mystikz contribution is a laid back ganja smoke fuelled workout. Very organic soundin...view item »

Digital Mystikz/ Kode 9
Thief In The Night/ Stung

Soul Jazz have a new Box of Dub album out soon and here's a limited 2 track 12" sampler job by Kode9 and Digital Mystikz. The Kode9 tune is called Stung and it's top. Though we can't work out what speed to play it at so fuck knows on that one. I prefer it at 45 and Ant goes for 33. The Digital Mystikz is a nice slow dubby paced affair with som...view item »

Kode9, Digital Mystikz, The Bug, Various
Box Of Dub 2- Dubstep And Future Dub

Well Dubstep seems to be showing no signs of abating in popularity with hot dubplates and scorching comps winging their way around the world (it's even reached New Zealand where the likes of DJ Hype, jump up jungle's mid 90s kingpin is still the hottest ticket in town!!) and Soul Jazz, reputable players in archive funk, soul, hip hop, reggae and al...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Ancient Memories

Wickeed. A new DMZ offering. I'm hoping this is gonna be a good one as the last release from the Digital Mystikz left me wanting more. Ah, I recognise this instantly, it featured as a dubplate on the ace 'Dubstep Allstars vol.2' by DJ Youngsta on Tempa. This is a really minimal cut with a rasta vocal saying 'Anci...view item »

Digital Mystikz, Skream, ESG, Various
Soul Jazz Records Singles: 2006-2007

V/A: 'Soul Jazz Records Singles 2006-2007' Monster compilation from London's finest curators of all things, Reggae, Latin, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep, Jungle, Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul and erm...Jazz. A three CD set that totals 46 tracks, if you count all those doubled up in the mix part of this set. Highlights include Digital Mystics 'Misty Winter', Ladybu...view item »

Skream, Digital Mystikz, Distance, Loefah, Various
Tectonic Plates

Digital Mystikz, Skream, Various
The Roots of Dubstep

AMMUNITION and BLACKDOWN have compiled a nifty little compilation documenting the evolution of the Dubstep genre. 'The Roots Of Dubstep' is a 14 track CD that follows the sound from it's beginnings in the UK Garage scene through to the current darker more spiritual heavy dub sound. With some rare tracks and a ...view item »

Digital Mystikz / Loefah
Molten / System

More dubstep action anyone? Okay then, the latest installment in the Tectonic plates 10" series is a split from DIGITAL MYSTIKZ and cohort LOEFAH. 'Molten' is trademak Mystikz with its eerie vibe and dense bassline and delay drenched percussion. Nice and dark just how I like it. I'm eagerly waiting for some of this ...view item »

Skream. Digital Mystikz Various
Dubstep Allstars Vol 4

How do you review a double mix CD of top notch dubstep? I'd be tempted to shoehorn "rinsing" into this paragraph about 10 times. As it happens I'm just gonna state that DJs YOUNGSTA & HATCHA (taking on a CD each) provide some sublime moments of zinging head music ranging from some downtempo head nodders infected ...view item »

Skream, Digital Mystikz, Various
Dubstep Allstars Vol 3