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Pye Corner Audio / Silent Servant / Not Waving
Pye Corner Audio / Silent Servant / Not Waving

On track per artist on this essential dance floor collision of three of the finest minds in electronic music. Pye Corner Audio are known for being excellent with synths, Not Waving makes very good robo funk and Silent Servant finishes things off with some glistening dramatic techno moves. You ne...view item »

Potter Natalizia Zen
Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out

Here are PNZ (Potter Natalizia Zen) catapulting listeners into deep space with a mixture of kraut influenced synth rock, disco, floating dub and library sounds. The trio combine all these influences to make a heady and original brew of seductive rhythms and arpeggio melodies. Strap yourself in.   ...view item »

Not Waving
Good Luck

London based Italian Alessio Natalizia returns to Diagonal with his ninth full length as Not Waving. Keeping in line with his abstracted and experimental take on club culture and EBM, ...view item »

Not Waving

Hard hitting four track 12” EP from Alessio Natalizia on his own Ecstatic Recordings, primed to tear up the dancefloor at your local discotheque. Opening with the EBM/techno burner ‘Too Many Freaks’ that begins like Giorgio Moroder on anabolic steroids before spewin...view item »

Not Waving

Originally released on cassette in 2013, Redacted is a brooding and dystopian album. Like a machine kicked into life it chugs through atonal techno mechanics, washes with noise until radio crackled harmony presents itself. There’s elements of John Carpenter and Tarkovsky. I think we should just stay in the bunker ...view item »

Not Waving

Alessio Natalizia’s project Not Waving submits a full-length album to Diagonal, blasting listeners along the way. Animals slides through body music, firm techno and industrially-informed synth-pop, fitting right into each style. Mighty stuff from a master of electronics. This CD release includes 2...view item »

Not Waving
Get Serious

Diagonal champion the talents of Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia with his new EP Get Serious. The 12” is cut at 45rpm for maximum club impact. It’s in your face and ready to go. A mix of Powell’s craziness, Belgian EBM of the late ‘80s and a sprinkling of Italia...view item »

Not Waving
Human Remixes

Remix EP tackling tracks from Not Waving’s Human Capabilities album. Stepping up are Pye Corner Audio, Tomaga, L/F/D/M, and Abul Mogard, who collectively produce a great little quartet of tracks. Heavy on the low-end and persistent with the rhythm...view item »

Not Waving

Not Waving is the solo project of Alessio Nataliza, who has been releasing limited cassettes in his Voices series for the last few years. If you didn’t get your hands on them, or simply want to upgrade to vinyl, here is your opportunity: this double LP compiles highlights from the series, reworked...view item »

Pye Corner Audio / Not Waving

Intercepts is a split album between Pye Corner Audio and Not Waving, available on limited edition pink vinyl. Taking inspiration from the world of espionage, most specifically spy rings, both artists provide four tracks each, creating a thrilling musical call and response between these kindred producers. ...view item »

Not Waving

Records are coming out thick and fast, they are being thrown at me almost as quick as I can listen to them. My dad asked how we do it when we are reviewing in ‘real time’. It’s a good question and one that can only be answered by saying “not very well”. This is a new project by former ...view item »