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Ty Segall Band

He’d been operating as a solo artist for about four years at this point, but 2012 saw the first album from the Ty Segall Band, in which our eponymous hero teamed up with Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moonheart and Emily Rose Epstein. Slaughterhouse is presented on 2x12” LPs, as opposed to the original issue which was two 10” discs. 

Ty Segall
Fried Shallots

Being a non Ty Segall fan I am currently saving a whopping £58 per year not buying his endless stream of records. Someone please tell Martin Lewis. However this new 6 track EP from the garage rock rackateer gives its profits to the American Civil Liberties Union -  a charity protecting the civil liberties of people living in a country dictated to by an orange clown. 

Ty Segall & The Freedom Band
Deforming Lobes

It’s rare that there’s a time without a new Ty Segall studio album either newly released or on the horizon. Just to make sure you don’t forget he exists there’s Deforming Lobes, a live album recorded live to tape in LA by Steve Albini. He’s backed by The Freedom Band who’ve been his musical unit of choice since 2016. LP, CD and Cassette on Drag City.

Ty Segall
Fudge Sandwich

The press release for Ty Segall’s 6,984,431st record ensures us that the eleven tracks that make up Fudge Sandwich ‘aren’t just cover versions’. That will be quite the disappointment for anyone who’s come to this LP to hear how Segall gets on with tunes from the likes of Funkadelic and The Grateful Dead. It’s also a lie - these are very much songs not written by Ty Segall, now in the style of Ty Segall.

Pre Strike Sweep

Pre Strike Sweep is nothing to do with Giggs and very much to do with Ty Segall. The uncouthly prolific fuzz-rocker plays back-up in GØGGS, noodling away on his axe while Ex-Cult bloke Chris Shaw deals with the yipping and yelping. Tunes like the title track do a good job of melding Ex-Cult’s hardcore thrash with Segall’s brand of psych-y garage-rock.

Ty Segall
Sentimental Goblin

Sentimental Goblin. I think we can all relate to that. These are two new tracks from that unstoppable juggernaut of creativity Ty Segall. Not only does he provide a proto metal jam 'Pan' and a T Rex/Bowie influenced glam stomper 'Black Magick' but he's only gone and designed the artwork as well. Ty - please have a lie down. 

Ty Segall
Ty Segall

Another year, yet another album from prolific garage rock guy Ty Segall. You would perhaps think that a self titled album (his second) would have a back to basics approach but as Master Segall revels in a stripped back sound it's hard to figure the concept other than this is described on the press release as 'visceral' and 'penetrating' and with 'lobe blasting' fretwork. Lead track 'Orange Colour Queen' is tender and evocative, I think we need to know the truth.  


Ty Segall’s proto-metal trio, Fuzz are back with their second album aptly named, Fuzz II. The band are in a musical time warp, ostensibly existing somewhere between 1968 and 1973, a time when guitars were fuzzy, and everything was real heavy. Their eponymous debut was a cracking homage to the rock sub-genre, Fuzz II sounds like it’s going to be just as good.