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Reliably sweary, Sleaford Mods aren't actually Mods at all - despite vocalist Jason Williamson's love of sharp dressing - but, rather, a malign take on English punk that brings minimalist electronics and American hip-hop influences to the table. It' more »

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Sleaford Mods
Divide And Exit

Regular customers of Norman Records will know all about Sleaford Mods already. Due in no small part to a tireless work ethic (kudos to band and label!) large swathes of the UK and beyond now seem to be catching on, to the point where 'Divide And Exit' feels really quite zeitgeist-y. ...view item »

Sleaford Mods
The Mekon

Got them off the back of a lorry mate. Unofficial re-press of this early classic which features lots of inventive sampling and a wordy, sweary delivery. Sound familiar? It should be as some of these songs are a bit good you know. Word is you'll be paying top notch if you try to get one on Discogs......view item »

Sleaford Mods

An unofficial re-issue of the early work of this at the time yet to be heralded group from the flatlands of Eastern England. You'll be paying upward of £75 for a copy of this on Discogs which is somewhat remarkable seeing as though we haven't heard of them. Lots of inventive ranting though, as you'd expect from the wilds of Lincolnshire.&n...view item »

Sleaford Mods
A Little Ditty / I'm Shit At It

Angry. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Sweary. Shouty. Angry. Angry. Sweary. Sweary. Sweary. Angry. Shouty. Shouty. Shouty. Shouty. Angry. Punchy. Punchy. Punchy. Angry. Punchy. Punny. Angry. Sweary. Fighty. Angry. Fighty. Angry. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Sweary. Shouty. Angry. Punky. Punky. Angry. Punky. Punky. Ang...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Bunch Of Kunst Documentary / Live at SO36

Even if you don’t much care for the music of Sleaford Mods, you have to say that they’ve been a refreshing and valuable voice in the increasingly homogenised world of mainstream rock over the past few years. This two-disc set - the Bunch Of Kunst documentary DVD and a live album recorded at Berlin’s le...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Sleaford Mods EP

First new music from Sleaford Mods since 2017's English Tapas and as is their wont it's a five track EP ahead of a promised new LP next March. A bunch of things to tie you over all about people's anger with the political system and the slow descent into slanging matches. Always on the ball it's nice to have them back. They may l...view item »

Sleaford Mods / Sudden Infant
You're Brave / Fat Nipple Uptight

Hey look: it's a Sleaford Mods thing. We're all pretty excited to drop the beat and then get our Swear Circle going, which is kinda like a drum circle except without snares and with a lot of variations on the word "fucker". This particular 7" sees "You're Brave" paired with a tune by Joke Lanz's project Sudden Infant, who offers up "Fat Nipple U...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Chubbed Up +

Here's a Sleaford Mods album on Mike Patton's Ipecac of all labels. This one already came out as a digital-only compilation but this is its first physical release. It features previously unreleased tracks 'Bring Out The Canons', 'The Committee' and 'Fear of Anarchy' alongside crowd favourites like 'Jobseeker', 'Jolly Fucker' and 'Tweet Tweet Twe...view item »

Jason Williamson
Slabs From Paradise

Pardon my English but I believe the phrase "no phucks given" comes to mind when considering the output of Philip Best's (Whitehouse/Consumer Electronics) chapbook publishing house Amphetamine Sulphate - speed not cocaine. Their first collection comes from sweary laureate Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods, who has here ...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Austerity Dogs

Austerity Dogs is the 6th album by Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods, but it’s the one that got them noticed. Since its release in 2013, the band have gone from strength to strength, being a necessary mouthpiece and cathartic outlet for many in the these austere times. They mix a punk snarl with ...view item »

Sleaford Mods
English Tapas

Returning with their first full length record for Rough Trade, it will be fascinating to find out what Sleaford Mods made of 2016. The title here refers to cuisine in a pub the pair visited that consisted of "half a scotch egg, cup of chips, pickle and a mini pork pie" - a menu that sums up the useless state of England, as viewed through...view item »

Sleaford Mods

Filthy-tongued and opinion-polarising electropunk grimeballs Sleaford Mods are riding a massive wave of hype thanks to their no-fucking-about slices of pissed-the-fuck-off modern life. 'Fizzy' is their latest cut, you know the score, purposefully cheap-sounding stripped back electronics bounce monotonously away while frontman Jason turns the air...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Live at SO36

Live recording of Sleaford Mods’ third gig at SO36 in Berlin, from June 2015. Live, angry and righteous, the whole gig was caught on camera and documented. The album contains pretty much all of their biggest tracks, including Jobseeker, Tied Up In Nottz, Joly Fucker, and Tweet, Tweet, Tweet...view item »

The Pop Group / Sleaford Mods
Nations / Face To Faces

Implausible / remarkable team up here from Norman favourites Sleaford Mods and The Pop Group: a split 7” giving us a track from each. The Sleaford selection is an (even) rougher version of a track from their forthcoming album, and Mark Stewart’s boys give us one from...view item »

Sleaford Mods

This is the first new material from Sleaford Mods now that they've handed the keys over to the man at Rough Trade. Not that their sound has changed at all. 'TCR' sees them just as angry and sweary as before with five new tracks recorded earlier this year. The title track details the travails of a man who escapes to the pub only ...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Key Markets

Just as the UK goes back to the ballot box, our favourite agit-prop duo return with 'proper' album number three. Named after a particularly gruesome sounding supermarket in Grantham in the '70s and '80s, the album contains further ruminations on the disorientation of modern existence and the pointlessness of government politics. "It's a ...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Talk Bollocks / No One's Bothered

Now that we have a Conservative party in full power and therefore five years of austerity and cuts ahead of us we'll be needing Sleaford Mods more than ever. An initial spin of 'No One's Bothered' from their forthcoming 'Key Markets' album reveals a band pretty close to the top of their game. This pulsating track appears here alongside the typic...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Tied Up In Nottz

The two men from Nottingham are here with a nice little 7’’ from Germany. One of the favourites from the ‘Divide and Exit’ LP. A bloke gets proper angry over some Midlands motorik. Record also has a B side (most usually do). Walk around your house and get yourself worked up over the current state of Brita...view item »

The Prodigy (featuring Sleaford Mods)

It was only a matter of time before Jason Williamson got the call to inject some anger into other people's records. He may have to hold tight for the Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller invites but the Prodigy are in on the ground floor and Williamson slathers his vile all over this gruesome piece of electronic racket. Will be of interest to Sleaford...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Bambi / Scenery

Two brand new, never-before-released tracks by our coveted Album of the Year winners who are obviously doing something right in order to provoke the kinds of discussion  which have echoed around our office in recent weeks. The hoopla surrounding their brutal punk-inspired hip hop(?) diatribes is perhaps overdon...view item »

Sleaford Mods

More loud and shouty genius from 2014's sensations, the lairy duo Sleaford Modz. This limited twelve arrives as the aptly titled 'Tiswas' EP, a collection of mostly all new material from Jason Williamson, who opens his mouth once and never closes it, and Andrew Fearn, who lets things tinker away in the background. These tracks wer...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Loan Shark / Slug Tub

If you've had your head up your arse for the last year then you've not heard of the Sleaford Mods. They swear a lot over rudimentary beats and they keep it fucking real. It feels appropriate to swear my tits off writing this. Here's 2 brand new tracks on Felix Kubin's label. There's 500 copies pressed for the world and it comes in a fa...view item »

Sleaford Mods

We might get round to reviewing this properly at some point, but if you're looking for a decent comp of some of the Mods' earlier stuff then look no further. Nice sleeve btw, boys. Classy....view item »

Sleaford Mods
Wharf Chambers Gig (Leeds, March 29th 2014)

Yeah, The Sleaford Mods at Wharf Chambers was just an evening waiting to happen. This was the first time I had ever set foot in the Chambers and to say the place is uber cool is a massive understatement. The whole vibe of the place is so cool and free and easy, just great to be there. A band had cancelled fr...view item »

Sleaford Mods
Mr. Jolly Fucker / Tweet Tweet Tweet

As you may know,  Nottingham’s finest Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn aka Sleaford Mods have been creating a bit of a stir here at Norman HQ recently, it’s safe to say that these lads are definitely Marmite. This is a double A-side of two tracks that don’t feature on their ‘Austerity Dogs’ album so if...view item »

Sleaford Mods

Well it wasn’t my idea! But I approved of it enormously when it was proposed. So yes, our Album Of The Year 2013 outside-bet winners Sleaford Mods are already back with the first of three 7”s on various cutting hedge labels. KRAAK sets up concerts, puts out records a...view item »