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Dialect / Talkboy
In My Zone / Wasting Time

The latest 7” from Yorkshire singles club Come Play With Me puts MC Dialect alongside Leeds group Talkboy. ‘In My Zone’ and ‘Wasting Time’ are rather contrasting tunes - Dialect’s a grime tongue-twister with a flow that recalls Ghetts, while Talkboy are a peppy indie-pop band - but for whatever reason they work nicely back-to-back here. Are we witnessing the rebirth of grindie? This Norman Records™ lackey surely hopes so.

Loose Blooms

As the third full-length from Andrew PM Hunt, under the moniker of Dialect, Loose Blooms is a idiosyncratic twist of weirdness. Constantly anxious, riddled with paranoia around environmental disaster and human violence - this reaches depths that your run-of-the-mill pop could never reach, this is Hunt's life-affirming work.
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Stafraenn Hakon/ Dialect

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Buildings With Towns In

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