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Stephan Mathieu

A 30 minute recording from Stephan Mathieu and David Maranha recorded in Porto, July 2011. A blend of violin, shruti-box and virginals - and an exploration of a drone in A. A creative dialogue from these two musicians known for their love of minimalism. One sided vinyl and a limited edition of just 300....view item »

Kassel Jaeger, Stephan Mathieu, Akira Rabelais

Zauberberg is of course the original German title of Thomas Mann’s magnum opus The Magic Mountain. This album is the result of the 3 artists involved making recordings of the area Mann was writing about, and processing their results. Kassel Jaeger, Akira Rabelais...view item »

Stephan Mathieu + Caro Mikalef
Radioland (Panoramica)

Now this baby is gently massaging then shaving the side of my face off today, I've just been to the dentist for a bitch of a filling so I feel a bit out of sorts and needed something to relax me, I'm not sure I'm exactly where I hoped to be cerebrally with this but I certainly don't want...view item »

Stephan Mathieu & Taylor Deupree

This Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree 'Transcriptions' CD is very posh looking in its oversized A5 package. This is a very interesting collaboration which involved Mathieu playing wax cylinders and 78's through portable gramophones then recording into computer via microphone. Deupree than adds vintage synths and guitar. The results are very captiva...view item »

Sylvain Chauveau & Stephan Mathieu

Having talked about collaborating for a while, Stephan Mathieu and Sylvain Chauveau finally got around to doing so on this here LP, which is a Smog tribute of sorts, although these...view item »

Stephan Mathieu
Coda (for wk)

The last thing I heard by this guy was the Remain CD on Line which was one of the most intense things I’ve heard. It proper blew me away! Here’s a rare CD single by him on the 12k label (who also don’t do singles that much. This came out as a stupidly expensive vinyl ...view item »

Stephan Mathieu
To Describe George Washington Bridge

This record is a hard one to describe as the press release says it all quite succinctly and far more academically than I could ever muster. The two tunes here are in many ways sister pieces to his last super-smash 'A Static Place', one of my sleepy-time CDs of the year. Dense, shifting classical-hued drone moveme...view item »

Stephan Mathieu
A Static Place

As expected, outstanding audio here from Mr Mathieu, created using early 78rpm records, mechanical-acoustic gramophones and computers. Based on that kind of setup, an affinity with the work of Philip Jeck would be a fair assumption and also correct as in many ways 'A Static Place' ev...view item »

Stephan Mathieu

This is a sister release to the recent CD on 12K which came and went in no time though a repress is happening soon. Not one to cut and paste from press releases but this is a reasonably informative sentence so here you go 'Remain, a new 60 minute composition utilizes original material from Janek Schaefer's Extended Play, reprocessed by Stephan M...view item »