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Lucrecia Dalt
No Era Solida

Colombian artist Lucrecia Dalt follows up on the surreal yet unmistakably pop-orientated constructions of her 2018 debut album Anticlines with her sophomore effort. Where its predecessor was concerned about the changing states of the world around her, No Era Sólida sees Dalt adopt an alter-ego of sorts, named Lia, with each track exploring a different state of being along the route of transformation. 
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Lucrecia Dalt

RVNG Intl. (Visible Cloaks, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith) release the sixth LP from Colombian experimentalist Lucrecia Dalt. Drawing on her experience in geotechnical engineering as well as South American monster myths and geological phenomena, Dalt has created an album of curious, inquisitive electronic songs. Inga Copeland and Holly Herndon are invoked, albeit in a more skeletal guise, on the likes of ‘Tar’.

Lucrecia Dalt

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