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Larry Heard
Sceneries Not Songs, Volume One

The point at which Larry Heard’s (AKA Mr. Fingers) 1994 classic Sceneries Not Songs Volume 1 was made possible when he managed to perfectly combine jazz, deep ambience and his famed Chicago house sound. In doing so, he made an album for lovers of both house and R&B. Released as a double vinyl LP for the first time, it includes a bonus track that was only previously available on CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (ML 9006)
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Gherkin Jerks
1990 EP

Gherkin Jerks may mean nothing to you but it was the one time project of house  legend Mr Larry Heard (Mr Fingers etc). It was an outlet for his more out-there recordings which strayed into experimental techno areas.  This is a limited re-press of some of his most sought after recordings under this moniker - six tracks unavailable on wax since the early '90s.   
  • Vinyl 12" (ML 2305)
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Gherkin Jerks
Stomp The Beat EP

Larry Heard is a bit of a legend of Chicago House but unless you are very lucky you won't own a copy of his Gherkin Jerks output.  The moniker was an outlet for his more experimental and techno-leaning recordings and this six track release is a far cry from the work he is most known for as Mr Fingers. A rare chance to get some seriously rare recordings. 
  • Vinyl 12" (ML 2219)
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Gherkin Jerks
Alleviated Presents The Gherkin Jerks

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