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Kit Grill

Kit Grill is a musician and producer from London. His career so far has seen him taking in influences from everywhere, working with electronic music and weird and wonderful samples. Obsession, his latest cassette, focuses solely on the piano. Since 2013 he has released 3 additional albums and 5 12” EPs, all for Primary Colours.

Kit Grill

Some more nicey-nicey from Kit Grill here. Much like many of the London producer’s previous releases, Rhythm is a collection of melodic synth vignettes that generally err on the happier side of things. There’s a light chillwave flavour to this lot to go with Grill’s standard Vangelis-isms. As you might be able to guess from the title, this one is quite rhythmic by his standards.

Kit Grill
Forever Colour

Kit Grill’s latest tape on his own Primary Colours imprint is another set of synth-pop pleasantries from the Londoner. Forever Colour was conceived on a road-trip through the western United States, and the widescreen sunsets of Arizona and Utah are certainly invoked here. These nine tunes are a neat mix of Vangelis-y instrumentals and Chillwave beats that come with a light hypnagogic-pop sheen.

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has an NTS Radio show and also dabbles in visual art as well as producing music. His sound is tightly focused, extracting maximum value from the basic techno elements. New EP Westway is released as a 12” pressed up in a limited edition of 200 copies, on Grill’s very own Primary Colours label.

Kit Grill

Kit Grill has five tight new tracks to present to the world, and this time he’s sending them out via the Vase label. Shiny house exultations from a sleek future world where unpleasantness seems to have been eliminated in favour of warm good times. Reminiscent of some of Ikonika’s textures at times. The Paradise 12” is released by Vase.
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