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Lubomyr Melnyk
Continuous Music: Selected Works

A book of sheet music courtesy of the Erased Tapes label, and one which attempts to render the technique of pianist and continuous music pioneer Lubomyr Melnyk into something approaching accessibility for everyone else. Continuous Music: Selected Works presents excerpts from Corollaries (2013), Evertina (2014) and Rivers and Streams (2015) in bizarre-looking sheet music, but Melnyk himself encourages people to attempt their own takes on his works. 

Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr Melnyk is apparently the fastest-playing pianist in the world. However, what is really impressive about him is that he avoids falling into a Steve Vai-esque carnival of boring technical virtuosity: he uses his talent to whip up storms of rich, melodic “Continuous Music”. New record Illirion is out on the illustrious Sony Classical.

Lubomyr Melnyk
Fallen Trees

I can't stress enough how easy it is to write a description for Lubomyr Melnyk. You just bold his name, talk about how obscenely fast he plays the piano and sit back. Something he never does, because he's too busy playing the piano so fast. For his 70th birthday he's releasing Fallen Trees on Erased Tapes, who are having their 10th birthday; this could all get a little confusing but effectively this music perfectly distills the way Melnyk uses his extremely technical playing style to create resonant imagery -- this time evoking the environments he saw passing him by on a long European train journey.

Lubomyr Melnyk
Rivers and Streams

Lubomyr Melnyk is renowned as one of the fastest-playing pianists in the world, and he has long been honing his self-developed style of ‘Continuous Music’ in order to channel these powers. Rivers and Streams is his latest album, containing flowing torrents of notes that creates an overwhelming wall of melodies. On Erased Tapes: coloured vinyl available!

Lubomyr Melnyk

Known for pioneering a playing style he has coined "continuous music" -- in which he plays notes on the piano faster than a grindcore drummer gets through blastbeats, with as much seamlessness as wind on an autumn day -- Lubomyr Melnyk's name has become synonymous with the outer edges of avant-garde music. His new EP, Evertina, is a different bag entirely, though -- it shows what happens when he slows down and turns his mind to gentler pursuits. We've all got to take a day off at some point. I hope his fingers are okay.

James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk
The Watchers

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