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Call Super and Parris

DJ and Producer Call Super (JR Seaton, Ondo Fudd) and Parris (Daryl Parris) team up for a 12” 'CANYOUFEELTHESUNONYOURBACK'. Both artists are described as ‘poetic’ so this collaboration should work well. It may also explain their weird press release, a story about a man whose first and last name are both brands of chisel who is supposedly a writer living in a run down house, his only pleasure in life is occasionally going outside for some sun. 

Ondo Fudd
Eyes Glide Through The Oxide

First things first - Ondo Fudd is no relation of Elmer, which is a bit disappointing to be honest. However, the pill is sugared when you realise that Ondo Fudd is actually an alias of London techno innovator Call Super - and things improve still further when you drop the needle on Eyes Glide Through The Oxide, an EP of fourth world techno and house in the D. Tiffany/upsammy mode. Be vewwy vewwy quiet.
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Call Super
All We Have Is Speed / All We Have Is Glue

London’s Peach Discs tree drops its seventh fruit courtesy of Berlin-based Londoner Call Super (That’s Joseph R Seaton, known also as Ondo Fudd), whose IDM-ish album Arpo was one of our albums of the week in 2017. Known for his detailed techno that exudes calm even as syncopations clatter about, the producer offers up a twelve of workout beats laced with gorgeous pads and bells.

Beatrice Dillon & Call Super
Inkjet / Fluo

An exciting new collaboration from Beatrice Dillon and Call Super, both veterans of the kind of dance productions that come somewhat out of the leftfield. Together they’ve produced Inkjet and Fluo, a highly Hessle pair of tracks that shuffle and tweak very tastily all around the soundfield and the dancefloor. 12” on Hessle.
  • Artist(s):
  • Call Super

Call Super

Fresh from a collaborative 12” with Beatrice Dillon, here is the new full-length statement from Call Super. Arpo is his second album, and it inhabits that super-textured ambient-leaning techno space that we’ve come to love from the producer. Eleven tracks deployed across CD and double LP editions, from Houndstooth.

Call Super / Shanti Celeste
Dekmantel 10 Years 02

The only sensible way to celebrate a decade of putting out records is to… put out records! That’s what Dekmantel are doing: in fact, they are doing a series of ten EPs this year! This is the second in the series, and it features exclusive works by Call Super and Shanti Celeste, both of whom bring their A-game to pay their respects to the label. 12” with colour-printed inner sleeve and glossy-printed outer sleeve.
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  • Call Super

Various / Call Super
Fabric 92: Call Super

Call Super has received the call to step up to the mark of Fabric’s legendary mix-CD series, and he’s delivered in full. The idea here was to capture something of the mood that settles into the club just after peak hours have passed, making this mix as well suited for dreaming as for dancing. Features tracks by the likes of Objekt, Photek, and Karen Gwyer.
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  • Call Super

Elmo Crumb
I'm Still Dizzy

Elmo Crumb is another pseudonym from JR Seaton (who is also Call Super and Ondo Fudd): another delivery mechanism for high-quality melodic techno that reaches lovingly into the depths. I’m Still Dizzy has firm 4/4’s, but so much more going on besides that you could detach from the dance altogether and still give your ears a great time. 12” release on The Trilogy Tapes.

Call Super
New Life Tones

Berlin based Call Super, along with regular collaborator Objekt, are constantly bouncing off each other to push techno and house into new folds. Following his Dekmantel debut earlier in 2016 he returns to Houndstooth with New Life Tones, marking another leap into an unknown avenue. Groove, without genre allegiance.

Call Super
Migrant / Meltintu

Call Super springs two new tracks on the Houndstooth label. Migrant is a shuffling dancefloor number with a gauze of melancholy synth-texture suspended above it, and Meltinu on the B is much the same. Takes real production talent to balance two different vibes at once, and Super has pulled it off. 12”.

Call Super
Nervous Sex Traffic

Producer Call Super lives in Berlin, so he obviously makes techno. But there is more to the story than that: he uses the techno template as a springboard into adventurous textural business and melodic acrobatics, to winning effect. Having released plenty of 12”s on labels like Houndstooth and Throne of Blood, Nervous Sex Traffic is his debut for Dekmantel.

Call Super
Fluenka Mitsu EP

What's the best thing to do after releasing a critically-acclaimed album of textural electronica? Probably go on a month-long bender and eat loads of sushi. London synth smasher Call Super has presumably come through all of that alive and is back with an upbeat 12"-ready dancey sound that'll surely shake the booty in the disco.

Call Super
Suzi Ecto

Call Super is Joe Seaton, a Berlin-based house and techno newbie about to release his anticipated debut record 'Suzi Ecto' for Houndstooth Records, an in-house of Fabric (pretty sure we're all familiar with that one, right?) where his EPs have been appearing. Seaton and Houndstooth have warned that 'Suzi Ecto' is gonna be both blissed-out and totally terrifying. Sounds about right.

Call Super
Sulu Sekou / Coney Storm Drain

'Sulu Sekou / Coney Storm Drain' is a 7" bringing together two tracks from 'Suzi Ecto', the forthcoming debut release from electronic whiz kid Call Super. These two tracks are more meditative and downbeat compared to some of the wilder cuts Call Super offers up. The atmospheres on the b-side, "Coney Storm Drain", are harsher and less forgiving.