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Realm Of The Infinite

The press release for Realm Of The Infinite, the new LP from ASC, promises another set of ‘grey area’ techno from the veteran producer. It’s not wrong, you know - anyone familiar with James Clements’ moody, broiling take on the classic sounds of Detroit will not be left disappointed by this octet of tunes. This is the sort of club fare that induces both frenzy and introspection in clubbers the world over. Think Answer Code Request.
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The Abyssal Plain

Though ASC has long proved that he's a dab hand at whatever it is he's set his sights too, that doesn't make it any less thrilling to hear him return to his roots. The Abyssal Plain released by Samurai Music features tracks that run at the hallowed tempo of 85/170 BPM. Little is more thrilling than an acid master going at top speed. 

Decayed Society

Drum & Bass producers ASC & Sam KDC made their now legendary alum of near-beatless ambience back in 2012. Decayed Society was the first time the Anglo-American duo had collaborated although Sam KDC had appeared on ASC’s Auxiliary label the year before. Following a widely-supported desire for a reissue, it’s finally happened. Marbled vinyl 2LP on Auxilary.

Trans-Neptunian Objects 2

Back in the summer of 2017 the prolific ASC released Trans-Neptunian Objects, an LP of lengthy astral ambiences in the vein of Klaus Schulze & Peter Namlook’s Dark Side Of The Moog records. Fast-forward eighteen months and we get the second instalment in the series. Trans-Neptunian Objects 2 very much picks up where the first entry left off.

Trans-Neptunian Objects

Thickly textured, booming ambience that takes you into the farthest reaches of deep space. The 16th full length album from the head of the Auxiliary label, ASC. With other releases on Samurai Red Seal, Silent Season, and Thermal ASC is a master of deep ambience. File with your Wolfgang Voigt/Gas records.

The Outer Limits

ASC drops another salvo on his own Auxiliary Records. As he did on earlier records like Heights Of Perception, Imagine The Future and Astral Projection, the one born James Clements again uses a title to set us up for an EP of thoughtful techno. The Outer Limits, full of moody atmospheres and stargazing beats, comes across like a more brooding rendering of Space Dimension Controller.

The Farthest Reaches

Despite only seeing a first release in 2016, ASC’s The Farthest Reaches goes for big bucks on the second-hand market these days. If you, like this Norman Records™ description writer, have bucks that are on the smaller side, then you might want to opt for this much more affordable re-release that’s come courtesy of ASC’s own Auxiliary (Bvdub, Sam KDC). The four tracks here are some of ASC’s finest, with the producer wedding great billows of reverb and droning keyboards to some nifty techno beat work.

Trace Elements

Some deep techno here from Saturne with Trace Elements out on Auxiliary. Saturne comes from the combination of ASC and Sam KDC. Initially coming together to make genre non-specific music, the group’s sound has moulded into atmospheric techno with a hypnotic drive and beat.   A 12” vinyl EP on orange coloured vinyl.

Point Of Origin

In the strange hinterland of UK soundsystem pressure and steely Berlin techno structures comes the latest transmission from ASC, who like many of his peers is fully embracing this ambiguous style of production they like to call Grey Area. The rhythms are intense and interlocking, the atmospheres icy and mysterious, and the production impeccable.

Zone Of Avoidance

Chasm-deep atmospheres from producer ASC. New EP Zone Of Avoidance has four tracks of totally-ASC-sounding spacey industrial music, each one plowing a new furrow through a galaxy of lush synthesis, pulsing rhythms, and far-echoing FX textures. Zone Of Avoidance is a 12” vinyl release on the Veil label.

Geocentric Systems

Samurai Horo have been putting out the vinyl for the doof-inclined for a few years now. The latest release from ASC is no exception. ‘Geocentric Systems’ ebbs and flows like water lapping on a galley; ‘Aphelion’ and ‘Perihelion’ are the sort of pummeling mid-set tools that get named things like ‘Aphelion’ and ‘Perihelion’; disorientating waltz-time closer ‘Passel’ cannons around the speakers. Comes on a pleasingly ‘splattered’ vinyl.

ASC, Synkro & Sam KDC
Machine Love EP

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Ulrich Schnauss & ASC
77 EP

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