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Jon Collin
Water and Rock Music Volume II

Jon Collin returns to his Water And Rock Music series. These albums are more than just a clever title - taped outside, Collin’s ambling post-primitive guitar dovetails with ambient sounds picked up by his field recordings. Water And Rock Music Volume II finds Collin meandering around Stockholm. His playing is kind of like Richard Dawson if he’d got hooked on Loren Connors.

Jon Collin
Water and Rock Music Volume 1

Feeding Tube Records (Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Thurston Moore) front the fifth LP from slide guitarist Jon Collin. Water And Rock Music, Volume 1 is a more literal title than it may at first appear given that the record actually was recorded on the shores of a Swedish lake. These lovely, woozy takes capture the tranquility of the location expertly. Keep an eye out for the second volume which is set to drop in a few months.

Jon Collin
The Nature

Jon Collin brings you his latest instalment of weirdly connected sounds, drones and ambient rock in The Nature. Fittingly enough, the record is written about the way we interact with the world and how, like music, nature is beautiful. Available on vinyl LP and is a limited to 225 copies - so act sharpish if you want a copy for yourself. 

Jon Collin
Early Music

Yorkshire-based man-of-all-trades (and busy collaborator) Jon Collin breaks out on his own with a scintillating two sides of solo guitar, intimately recorded in a room with just Collin and a reel-to-reel. Early Music is a very thoughtful set, put out on vinyl with the usual high standards of the Winebox Press label.

Jon Collin
Burnt Monday

From Manchester comes this experimental musician Jon Collin, an adept guitarist and an expert in oddness. With multiple string discordancy leading to strangulation of tones then space in his tracks, it’s a bit like Jim O’Rourke or Loren Connors if that's your buzz. Transcendent cacophonies of sound. On vinyl.