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Menace Beach
Black Rainbow Sound

Yeah, a Leeds band! Menace Beach are Liza Violet and Ryan Needham of 'the scene'. Their third album, Black Rainbow Sound, is distinct from their past efforts in that it was conceived entirely in the studio. Though more dense and experimental than before, their poppy no-wave is still as fun as ever. And this time features a cameo from The Fall's Brix Smith!

Menace Beach

Named for a NES games from way back when, Menace Beach are a five piece Leeds-based indie rock band. Headed up by Ryan Needham and Liza Violet, and obviously heavily influenced by the 90s pinnacle era of indie pop, this album is fun and well worth a listen for fans of The Seahorses and Ash. On vinyl.

Menace Beach
Tennis Court / Lowtalkin'

Here come two new tracks of noise-making from Leeds-based indie pop band Menace Beach: "Tennis Court", a psych rock thriller, and "Lowtalkin'" a pure noise affair. The record comes courtesy of a big roster of bands, featuring members of Hookworms, Sky Larkin, Pulled Apart By Horses and Joanna Gruesome doing various great things.    Tracks: Tennis Court Lowtalkin'

Menace Beach
Lemon Memory

Leeds’ very own Menace Beach return with Lemon Memory, which was apparently produced with the self-conscious intention of making something a little more restrained than Ratworld. They’ve pulled it off too, with tightly focused songwriting and production that lingers on the brink of fuzz overload without diving off it. CD or limited yellow scratch’n’sniff lemon vinyl (!!!) editions on Memphis Industries.

Menace Beach / Cowtown
Holidays Are Heavy / Wonderful Christmas Time

Merry Christmas from the Leeds indie scene! The Holidays Are Heavy / Wonderful Christmas Time split has a brand new original song from Menace Beach and a Paul McCartney cover from Cowtown: both tracks are fun and festive, and legitimately high quality. A limited edition 7” treat from Too Pure: only one per customer people!

Menace Beach
Super Transporterreum EP

Following January’s Ratworld album, Menace Beach make a super-fast return with the Super Transporterreum EP. Packed with fuzzy melodies it takes the frazzled sonics of 60’s psych and transplants them onto a collection of contemporary power pop gems. What’s not to like? Out on vinyl 12” from Memphis Industries.