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Katsunori Sawa Vinyl, CD & tapes by Katsunori Sawa at Norman Records

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Katsunori Sawa
Premium Gardens

Fair play to Katsunori Sawa. Not often you see artwork that reminds you of primary school powerpoint presentations. Fair play musically too because Premier Gardens hits HARD. Sawa mixes industrial techno with some more dub inspired moments to create something Kevin Martin (the Bug to you and me) would play in a DJ set. 

Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa
Fragments of Reference EP

The Stone Tapes is a recently-minted offshoot of the excellent UVB-76. The parent label tends to specialise in dark club fare, but there’s nothing you could call danceable on Fragments Of Reference, a collaborative EP between Leyla Records boss Chafik Chennouf and 10 Records head-honcho Katsunori Sawa. Rather, these rummages in the blackest corners of musique concrete and abstract techno explore the more atmospheric aspects of UVB-76’s influences - Muslimgauze, Zoviet France and Merzbow to name but three.

The Path of Untitled Memories

The promising Mirae Arts with their third release here. This one’s courtesy of Katsunori Sawa’s EOC (Enormous O’Clock) project. The Path of Untitled Memories represents a change of pace for Mirae Arts. Whereas previous drops from Seraphim Rytm and Michiru Aoyama have been largely or wholly ambient works, The Path Of Untitled Memories is a no-BS body-techno affair that nods to the Echochord school. Good craic.
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  • Katsunori Sawa

Katsunori Sawa
Secret of Silence

Katsunori Sawa has history as EOC, as BOKEH (with Anthone) and as Steven Porter (with Yuji Kondo), but here steps out alone under his own name. Secret of Silence is driven by classic breaks, propping up inventive and intense productions that pulse their way through your body. Lots of hissing and clicking textures. 12” on Weevil Neighbourhood.

Katsunori Sawa / Yuji Kondo
Undulant Latitude

- Very limited new EP from this brilliant Japanese label. - Dark, bruising techno split from both the artists behind the Steven Porter project. We're pleased to announce the return of the two Japanese artists behind the Ten Label and Steven Porter project (Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica Records, Bitta, Vacu Sessions). These guys always know how to grab your attention with their stark, brooding electronics and they put that to use with great effect once again here by splitting their latest EP in half to showcase their individual talents – very limited copies.
  • Artist(s):
  • Katsunori Sawa