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Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis
Invisible Cities

Aidan Baker's imprint on contemporary ambient and drone music is hard to avoid, having released an avalanche of material all focusing on basically one thing: processed electric guitar. On this release that stasis is lifted into a more tactile mode and gifted life and personality by the lonely calls of Gareth Davis...view item »

Aidan Baker
Triptychs: Variations On A Melody

Gently disturbing the sonic atmosphere is Aidan Baker. Triptychs: Variations On A Melody are a series of recordings from various instrumentalists, which are all based around the ideas of Triptychs. They being as single melody lines and slowly add harmonies throughout each composition which build to a subt...view item »

Aidan Baker / Simon Goff / Thor Harris

Aidan Baker, Simon Goff and Thor Harris recorded Noplace in the space of a few hours at Berlin’s Redrum Studios. The album comes from an improvised jam which was then re-ordered and edited to form the cohesive music herein. Guitars and violin tussle over motorik beats to create a kind of w...view item »

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems

Nadja drone-guitar lord Aidan Baker spent a day in the studio with drummer and Inwolves leader Karen Willems last year, improvising and following one another into interesting musical corners. Nonland is a subtly developing beast, audiby the product of two serious talent...view item »

Aidan Baker & Tomas Järmyr

Ex-Nadja heavy droner Aidan Baker and explorative drummer Tomas Järmyr whipped up some sonic rituals in the studio recently, and the results stretch across two CDs here. Werl is real expansive, the two musicians dancing around one another in passages that alternate between droning ...view item »

The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved with A Knife

Nadja, the long-running heavy ambient guitar duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, have a new album of typically dense sonics out on the Gizeh label. The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved With A Knife is good for blasting away what ails you, and is available both on CD and on viny...view item »

Aidan Baker
Ecliptic Plane

Ecliptic Plane by Aidan Baker is an album of evolving, layered guitar loops. The title refers to the sun’s orbit around earth as we mere earthlings would view it. The sounds on the album, all made by electric guitar, reflect the orbiting whilst investigating perspective. And boy oh boy is it good!...view item »

Aidan Baker & Idklang
In The Red Room

‘In The Red Room’ is where the ambient drones of Aidan Baker (Nadja, B/B/S/) meet the experimental sound designs of Idklang aka Markus Steinkellner (Arktis/Air) over two epic, twenty minute instrumental tracks of gentle, effects driven, ambient guitar drone over repetitive, krautrock beats....view item »

Aidan Baker
Half Lives

Returning after Aidan Baker’s previous album Already Drowning, Half Lives is two albums on a CD each and continues his experimental approach to music, with the music described as “constructed” due to different experiments being woven into each other to create some moody, b...view item »

Aidan Baker & Plurals
Glass Crocodile Medicine

Aidan Baker is back with his second Latitudes session after 2010’s Nadja one, this time accompanied by tour-mates Plurals for two epic and very different passages of drifty atmospherics which run to about 20 minutes each. First up is &ls...view item »

Aidan Baker
Origins & Evolutions

Subtitled ‘a composition for multiple guitars’ this features the axe talents of Jon Attwood (Yellow6), David Tagg, and, amongst others, someone seemingly calling him...view item »

Aidan Baker/ Leah Buckareff
Breathing Heavy Breathing

This very week we received two rather lovely CDs from the Thisquietarmy label. The one I’m holding in my obese hand is a CD by Aidan Baker and ...view item »

Aidan Baker
I Fall Into You

If this album had twice as many tracks plus an extra two, right about now I'd be making some hilarious quip about 'Aidan Baker's dozen'. But it doesn't, so we've all had to miss out. THANKS Aidan. Thanks a lot. I Fall Into You comes in a 500-strong CD edition on Basses Frequencies and it kind of sounds like his relaxing self-help album with its amb...view item »

Aidan Baker

Is MTV unplugged still going? I haven’t watched MTV in about 15 years... Anyway Aidan Baker has a CD out on Install called ‘Dry’ and the name is a clue to what’s happening on the recording. Basically the man is playing his electric guitar ‘“Dry” i.e zero effects. Okay so his guitar is plugged in but this is kinda like his Unplugged ...view item »

Aidan Baker with Kevin Micka
Green Figures

It's been a while since Aidan Baker graced the Norman offices with a new record. It must have been like, atleast two or three weeks. OH! Just a little joke there for you regular Norman lads. Anyhows, Toronto's favoured guitar hero returns with a live album of a performance from November 28, 2009 at Casa del Popolo in Montreal. Recorded by ...view item »

Aidan Baker
Noise of Silence

We got a box in from our favourite Brazilian label this week...Essence records. In that box was a bunch of old things and a coupla newies, one of which was this - a brand new Aidan Baker album! Aidan has baked many records over the recent years encompassing varying styles with his re...view item »

Aidan Baker
Gathering Blue

'Gathering Blue' is a vinyl only release from Equation Records that compiles eight new compositions from Aidan Baker with a cover of Joy Division's '24 Hours' and an extended remix of "The Cicada Sings Our Love Song" by Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks which was originally released in 2005 on the ultra-limited and long-deleted Arcoleps...view item »

Aidan Baker
Blue Figures

Aidan Baker's vast discography continues to grow with the addition of 'Blue Figures' which is a disc of exceptionally high quality live recordings (both in terms of sound and content). Figures Part 1 & 2 were recorded in last year Berlin during his tour where he also played in Nadja. It's really quite beautiful stuff that's on a super dreamy ti...view item »

Aidan Baker
The Sea Swells A Bit

A Canadian in Berlin (sort of like an experimental Sting), Aidan Baker steps out of the duo Nadja to deliver a solo ambient journey. First released in 2006, The Sea Swells A Bit gets the reissue treatment. Immersive, contemplative and always on the move, it’s a black hole of a record in the best possible way. Out ...view item »

Aidan Baker
Broken & Remade

This was previously issued on CD in 2007 on Volubilis Records and is on wax for the first time. This shows yet another side to this multi-faceted artist and when I first listened I was unaware it was Baker and would never have guessed in a million years. Here he plays acoustic and bass guitars, flute, synth and does vocals while he is joined by ...view item »

Aidan Baker
I Will Always And Forever Hold You In My Heart And Mind

This man is unstoppable! He must be making records in his sleep... Ah sleep, this is a good one to whack on to ease you into the land of nod. One fifty minute plus track indexed into twelve convenient parts. He's in fine form here, creating a blissed out soundscape of gentle drones using bass guitar and electric guitar. recorded in two separate ...view item »

Aidan Baker/ Noveller

Blau! Ya got me like wow, first up it's an Aidan Baker and Noveller split LP on the stereau! It's on Divorce and limited to 600 copies, all containing a side of straight up overtone-filled droning from Mr. Baker, as is often his wont, and a side of gorgeous, twinkling pedal-aided guitar experimentation from Noveller (aka Sarah Lipstate, a former me...view item »

Various (Aidan Baker, Rapoon, Elementaural Research Project etc.)
Elementality Revisited

Hello. I like things in tins. Which is why I was drawn to the Elementality Revisited CD on Basses Frequences which comes in a tin. I think it's to do with years of having no money and living off beans, soup and potatoes. It just sticks with you... am also drawn to CD's wrapped in material but that's a different kettle of fish. There's a ton of bo...view item »

Aidan Baker

Nadja are playing here on Saturday. I think that'll be good, don't you? Aidan Baker's half of those. He's done an LP called Thoughtspan on lovely Blackest Rainbow in an edition of 350 which will no doubt sell out double quick. It's quite a different proposition to the shoegazey drone he's made his name doing with the first side given over to a slow...view item »

Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen
A Bout De Souffle

We got a few bits in on the Watercape label this week (Peter Wright, Apalusa, Aidan Baker). Not got time to review 'em all so here's my take on the Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen CD called 'A Bout De Souffle' which sounds like the most tremendous food fight ever. Always wanted to do a food fight and never done one. Any of you lot been involved in ...view item »

Machinefabriek, Aidan Baker, Various
Escaping From Color: Rapoon Recomposed and Remixed

Compilation alert. Escaping From Color: Rapoon Recomposed and Remixed is a brand new 15 track comp featuring (probably obviously) Rapoon tracks arsed about with by some of the leading gimps of the electronic/ experimental world. You've got Francisco Lopez, TV Pow, Machinefabriek, Troum, Aidan Baker, Anla Courtis, Family Underground and loads more '...view item »

Aidan Baker + Ultra Milkmaids
At Home With...

This week we got a batch of older Infraction releases in. Hey we don't have time to review them all but we thought we'd make an effort and review one of 'em to show willing. It's by Aidan Baker & The Ultra Milkmaids and it's called 'At Home With'. I like the idea of ultra milkmaids.... my mind is racing with white frilly bonnets, huge milk urns...view item »

Aidan Baker

First up is Aidan Baker with a 4 track (full length album) called 'Live'. It's apparently recorded live though if you didn't know that I doubt you'd be able to tell. He's one half of Canadian duo Nadja..... a name which always entertains me. This is some crazy warm drones and tones to chill out to. It's seriously lush stuff. It doesn't do much more...view item »

Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker: 'Pendulum' (Gears Of Sand), aka Nadja with his Guitar and F/X pyrotechnics across five cuts. Mostly lush undulating ambience in a warmish kind of mode, fans of Nadja (For it is he without the doom -Ant x) have probably picked up on this and the eight tracker: Also by Aidan Baker is 'Green And Gold' which we're also stocking. A fuller c...view item »

Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy
Orange EP

Now  a Split CD from AIDAN BAKER (from Nadja) and THIS QUIET ARMY called Orange. Quick press release is "dreamy drone ambient" and that sums it up really. Its pretty space age like the sound track to Star wars (in peacetime) with whirring cranes, electronical...view item »

Aidan Baker, Beef Terminal, Various
Noise Factory Sample Vol 3

Aidan Baker, Netherworld, Various

And while I'm on the whole noise tip check out CRYOSPHERE comp CD on Glacial Movements featuring Aidan Baker, Troum, Netherworld, Lightwave, Tuu and lots more..... Here you a have what is essentially an ambient CD with hints of darkness kicking around. It says in the sleeve that it's a musical journey that transports the listener ...view item »