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Hyperocean is the third album from experimental pop eccentrics Niagara and rather than easing off, this record is more dense and intense than previous releases. These are dark and complex electronic pop songs with dizzying arrangements and plenty of experimental freak-outs. Available on limited vinyl LP and CD from Monotreme.

Don’t Take It Personally

'Don't Take It Personally' is experimentalists Niagara trying on a variety of left-field tricks, marrying psych-rock to Eastern dance music and playing with a hell of a lot of synth. Tracks such as "Currybox" are indicative of Niagara's attempt to make irresistible hooks that are also thought-provoking, taking gloomy synths and pairing them with fast-paced beats and sleek spoken vocals. With its variety of different, equally-valued sound types, 'Don't Take It Personally' resembles glitch-pop that's been remoulded into something more structured and purely pop.   Tracks:  John Barrett Fat Kaos Vanillacola Speak & Spell Laes Currybox Popeye China Eclipse Else Bloom
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