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Haiku Salut
The General

Haiku Salut present a brand new original score for Buster Keaton’s famous 1926 comedy film The General. The 23 tracks constitute a strangely moving new take, taking in shimmering electronica and haunting ambience, spreading out to vertiginous post-rock and encompassing a whole range of emotions. New meets old, for great effect. 

Haiku Salut
Etch and Etch Deep

Don’t let the name fool you; Haiku Salut are neither French nor Japanese. Instead, they hail from Derbyshire. The tracks they make on Etch and Etch Deep combine a big stack of sounds grabbed from sources electronic and acoustic, with results that are both strange and highly tuneful. On How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

Haiku Salut
There Is No Elsewhere

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