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Karen Gwyer
Man on Mountain

Ok, I’ll hold my hands up - this particular Norman Records™ pen-pusher initially read it as ‘Karen Gwyer, Man On Wire’ and was a bit disappointed to discover that he was wrong. That one’s on me rather than Karen though, and once again the Berlin-based producer comes through with a set of mesmerising electronic productions here. Man On Mountain contains a couple of fast-paced Midwestern techno cuts that are balanced out by some more abstract drone works. This is Gwyer’s first release since 2017’s excellent Rembo LP, and like that album it’s coming out via Don’t Be Afraid (rRoxymore, Jayson Wynters).
  • Vinyl 12" (DBA042)
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Johanna Knutsson / Karen Gwyer
Oscillate Tracks 003

Oscillate Tracks presents a split 12” EP featuring two of its artists, one present and one past. Taking a side and two tracks each, current roster star Johanna Knutsson and former artist Karen Dwyer use Oscillate Tracks 003 to construct beautiful soundscapes of minimalist techno and ambient music. 
  • Vinyl 12" (OSCT003)
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Karen Gwyer

Fabulously creative spins on techno music from Karen Gwyer, back at last with a whole new full-length LP. Eight tracks, generally developed through going-with-the-flow in live performance, whip up a frenzy of pulsing rhythms, nodding to Detroit and weirder underground scenes alike. Rembo is out on Don’t Be Afraid.

Karen Gwyer
Rembo Remixes

After her debut album blew the competition out of the water, Karen Gwyer gets the remix treatment from an assortment of sonic travellers with the same spit and sawdust approach to machine manipulation. Ron Morelli sounds especially ferocious on his version of “He’s Been Teaching Me How To Drive”, while E. Myers pings Chicago jack into a frenetic retro future while duffing up "It's Not Worth The Bother".
  • Vinyl 12" (DBALP003R)
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Karen Gwyer / Raven Cru / Dukwa / Lily

This 4-track multi-artist 12” on Don’t Be Afraid is a great selection, with label favourite Lily on one end and a first ever appearance on record from Raven Kru on the other. However, the pick of the crop might just have to be Karen Gwyer, whose enveloping techno sound-universe swirls pleasingly around the listener / dancer.

Karen Gwyer
Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

Karen Gwyer also seems to be pulled in two different directions. Sometimes she makes cerebral melodic electronic pieces with droney touches, other times (e.g. live), she blasts out ecstatic acid techno. Both forms of Gwyer are fantastic, and this 12” happily combines them. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase is out on Don’t Be Afraid.

Karen Gwyer
Kiki The Wormhole

Initially released on cassette only on Opal Tapes this is a much required vinyl re-issue of Karen Gwyer's stunning synth and drum machine workout. Featuring just three, slowly unfurling tracks, the record takes influence from '70s cosmic synth soundtracks with mind bending deep techno moves and strange off kilter atmospheres. True esoteric weirdness from this highly respected and influential artist. Limited vinyl re-issue exclusive to us!  

Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer
Beatrice Dillon / Karen Gwyer

Beatrice Dillion and Karen Gwyer take a side each for some minimal, percussion-focused electronic experiments. Dillon has previously released on Where to Now? and Gwyer has done things for Opal Tapes; a sterling innings. Imagine if Charles Hayward made a minimal techno album, and you’d probably get something like this -- percussion becomes tonal and textural, as well as rhythmic.

Hookworms with Richard Formby, Container, Karen Gwyer
@ Headrow House, Leeds (Saturday 17th October)

Roll up, roll up for the hottest ticket in town. Our very own psych wanderers Hookworms take to the stage this very October 17th as part of Recon Fest. Performing alongside Richard Formby, Container and Karen Gwyer at Headrow House, Leeds. Includes booking fee. Ticket sent via email (no shipping charges) or post (shipping charges apply).

Karen Gwyer

Another nice fresh release from the busy Karen Gwyer, this time a three-track 12” on Nous. The music on Bouloman mirrors the attributes of the pleasingly disorienting op-art sleeve: striking and compelling, acidic synth stabs pushing you one way while the analogue rhythm machines pull you another.
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  • Karen Gwyer

Torn Hawk & Karen Gwyer
Cowboys (For Karen)