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Joanna Gruesome
Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)

The first release from Welsh group Joanna Gruesome since the departure of their vocalist, Pretty Fucking Sick (Of it All) brings in a new vocalist and keys. The tune is about being pursued by intelligence operatives and set in Llangrannog in Wales (which is a lovely place actually). Some more good ol’ shou...view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund
Split EP

Fuzz is love: this split EP sees noise punx Joanna Gruesome continue their persistent assault on our indie rock ears with their pissed off shoegaze and gleefully screamed vocals. On the other side, though, there's also the one-man-band Trust Fund, which belongs to Ellis Jones, who makes a sound that lands between grainy indie rock and unhinged f...view item »

Joanna Gruesome
Peanut Butter 

‘Peanut Butter’ is twenty five minutes of hyperactive, violently melodic, aggressive, economic pop that’s packed full of tasty hooks and screams from highly acclaimed Cardiff based pop punk ensemble Joanna Gruesome. Recorded in Leeds at Hookworms frontman M.J’s Suburban Homes Studios, the album comes with the following wa...view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy
Astonishing Adventures EP

Following on from their recent split release with Trust Fund comes ‘Astonishing Adventures’,  a new split EP by indiepop noisemakers Joanna Gruesome and their American counterparts Perfect Pussy. This 7” EP features four remarkable songs showcasing some of the first new material from Joanna Gruesome since their 2013 debut ...view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Tyrannosaurus Dead

Here's a 7" from a band I've already heard and a band I haven't. I'm starting with the one I haven't. Tyrannosaurus Dead are playing some nice indie rock with big harmonies and chunky late-'90s guitars with lots of treble that remind me a bit of Urusei Yatsura, with vocals shared between a breathy girl voice ...view item »
7" (ODD070, £6.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Joanna Gruesome
Weird Sister

"Heard it all before blah blah blah". I'd like to be all "whatevers" about this album but it's so damn lovable and exuberant that I'd feel like some schoolyard shithead that's just knocked the specs off some poor shy kid and stolen his Monster Munch. I'd feel bad if I accused them merely of aping early ...view item »

Joanna Gruesome

Joanna Gruesome’s ace debut LP ‘Weird Sister’ has been selling by the bucketload (and deservedly so), and they’re riding that wave of attention with another solid effort in the form of this 7” which features two live favourites from the indie popsters. ‘Sugarcrush’ i...view item »
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Joanna Gruesome
Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still in Love with Me

Here’s a 7” from Cardiff’s Joanna Gruesome, who have impressed me on a split single or two in the past. I’m enjoying this one too. They’re playing jangly punky ‘90s-style indie pop with somewhat twee high-pitched girl vocals offset by frantic pop-punk/slacke...view item »
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Gum / Keel Her / Joanna Gruesome / Playlounge
Family Portrait

It’s four way split time. Always a good way to get on top of what’s going on new-bands-wise I think. This one on Art Is Hard opens with Gum doing their very best My Bloody Valentine impression with some ...view item »
7" (AIH010, £3.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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