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Grapefruit Regret

Karenn are Arthur Cayzer and Jamie Roberts a British duo who also make music separately under the names Blawan and Pariah. Grapefruit Regret is their debut album which was recorded in Berlin during Summer 2019. The duo first showed us their modular techno ways on their EP, Kind of Green, which was released during the first half of 2019. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M.

Many Many Pings

South Yorkshire producer Jamie Roberts, better known as Blawan and responsible for last year’s album Wet Will Always Dry and a host of EPs and singles throughout the 2010s, returns with another collection on Ternesc. Many Many Pings is led by its title track, and contains three more originals. 

Voam Club Archive Volume 1

You know where you stand with Karenn. The duo of Blawan and Pariah can always be relied on to make heart-racing techno slammers of devilish intensity no matter the time or day. On Voam Club Archive Volume 1 we get a selection of recordings from Karenn’s gigs down the years. The on-the-hoof nature of their live show means that there’s a little less finesse to these takes, but if anything this adds to the power and immediacy of Karenn’s beats.

Karenn (Blawan & Pariah)
Kind of Green

Producers Blawan and Pariah rejoin forces under their Karenn moniker for a new EP on the Voam imprint. After not releasing for almost 5 years they are back with vigor and a futurist glance on techno. From filthy pounders 'Rek' and 'Salz', to skippier breaks that smack of broken machines whirring into life.


By Blawan’s standards, this double EP is a laid-back affair. By Blawan’s standards, that is. So even though there’s nothing here which sounds specifically like a portal to Cthulhu’s lair is about to open up where your record player is, Nutrition still contains six cuts of pummelling techno. ‘993’ and ‘Calcium Red’ are about as close as he gets to the sound of ‘Why They Hide The Bodies…’ etc, while ‘Trampelpfad’ and ‘Mayhem’ are still pretty darn spooky. Out on his own TERNESC imprint.


Dubstep crime-fighting duo Karenn is made up of Blawan, the shady alias of future garage innovator Jamie Roberts, and Pariah, also known as Arthur Cayzer. Together, they make hardware-dominated techno. They've been away for a little while, but they're back to business with 'SHEWORKS006', with its fittingly minimal album art. Fall into a dubstep black hole.

Karenn / Analogue Cops

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