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Marquis Hawkes
The Marquis of Hawkes

Like many of today’s electronic artists, Marquis Hawkes bases himself in Berlin. On his new album The Marquis Of Hawkes he takes us on a journey through beatless drones, deep dub, body jerkers and some retro bass jabs. Jamie Lidell and Ursula Rucker make guest appearances. Double LP on Houndstooth.

Marquis Hawkes

Through releases from the likes of Denis Sulta and Posthuman, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams have only ever done one thing, and they’ve done it very well. A DABJ release always consists of some sexy, sweaty, hard-as-owt techno or house. The trend continues as Marquis Hawkes returns to the label where he got his start. Monstrous jacks like ‘Bodywork’ and ‘Rush Hour Traffic’ will dominate any mix.

Marquis Hawkes

After just releasing his full length on Houndstooth, no rest for Berlin based Marquis Hawkes going straight to AUS records for two tracks of house exploration. With Discopuss setting a cheeky Groovejet-like disco groove as precedent with phasing strings and vocal chops, before tightening it for the title track, a taut house track founded on piano stabs and arpeggiator bed.

Marquis Hawkes
Social Housing

Proper house for proper dancers, with a huge bounce to the kick drums and a rubbery boogie in the synth-lines. Marquis Hawkes works wonders on his debut full-length album, pulling together the different strands of his beloved genre into a triumphant whole, including disco-leaning tracks and vocal numbers (feat, Jocelyn Brown). Social Housing is out on Houndstooth.

Marquis Hawkes

Marquis Hawkes kicks off the title track of Sweet by wrong-footing the listener, letting an R&B sample play unimpeded for few seconds before locking it in a loop and layering up his own funky house breaks. The tracks on this EP feel like the adventurous night that follows the sample’s bright summer’s day. 12” out on Houndstooth.

Marquis Hawkes
Raw Materials

Dancefloor beat pioneer Marquis Hawkes’ latest release ‘Raw Materials’ revisits the primal house rhythms he made a name for himself with during his time with Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Citing influences such as house originators Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt and Roy Davis Jr, ‘Raw Materials’ title track is a dreamy analogue beat driven track with ethereal vocals, followed by two primitive tracks that cut straight to the core.

Marquis Hawkes
Fifty Fathoms Deep

'Fifty Fathoms Deep' is Marquis Hawkes' debut record for the Houndstooth label. Hawkes lays down some house fundamentals for his tunes before breaking them into genre fragments, from funk to jazz and back to disco. Many of these tunes have yet to be heard on record, while some of them are already favourites in DJ sets from acts like Ben UFO.

Marquis Hawkes
Outta This Hood

A quirky debut on Clone Jack For Daze from Marquis Hawkes. Four bumping tracks with an eye squarely on the dancefloor and nowhere else, Outta This Hood is a siren-heavy collection of house cuts and vocal samples. Dashes of disco and frantic cyber bleeps to please the 3am crowd. Out on 12” vinyl from Clone Jack For Daze.

Marquis Hawkes
Sex, Drugs & House

Fun and funky house from the unknown Marquis Hawkes. As serious as its title, Sex, Drugs & House is aimed squarely at the dancefloor spitting out repetitive samples and 4/4 kicks like nobody’s business. Be warned - it’s chock full of cowbells. Best wait until the early hours. Out on vinyl 12” from Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.