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Many Nights

Motorama surely have to be Russia’s finest indie-pop outfit, playing their dreamy wares to everybody across Russia and beyond. Many Nights, their fifth album, is light and punchy, bouncing along with a simple but infectious liveliness, good grooves, and that addictive jangle. Released by the Taitres label.


Motorama create melancholic pop from their home studio in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. Dialogues is their fourth LP and has infectious melodies layered with pulsating synths and slouching vocals. There’s something naiive and fun about these homemade tracks, but they are ultimately very well crafted pop tunes.  

Holy Day / Mirror

Motorama are a Russian band with three albums under their belt. Holy Day/Mirror are their latest efforts and are chilled out, slouching synth pop of the highest order. Inspired by the Manchester indie scene, this 7 inch single has a warm electro feel, like a party winding down in the early hours, when it’s only your true mates left.


If you’ve heard enough UK and American variations on the Joy Division post-punk sound, why not try a Russian version? Motorama are just that, though I don’t mean to disparage the the quality of their approach. Poverty is their third album, and the fact that Talitres are spreading this beyond Russia points towards an exciting future.

She Is There / Special Day

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The first LP from Russian group Motorama to drop on Talitres (Destroyer, Micah P. Hinson) is a lovely thing. Calendar is full of that kind of dreamy, slightly twee post-punk that so many of us here at Norman towers are total suckers for. As such, we wager you will be too. Deerhunter are the obvious comparison.