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Dean Blunt Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson

There's just no predicting Dean Blunt and that's the way we assume he likes it. This collaboration with folk artist Joanne Robertson veers between her lovely sprawling folk compositions and his edgier but still guitar led work. The two Robertson sung pieces that open the record are drifty and fingerpicked with discordant lead guitar (Blunt) givi...view item »

Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland
Black Is Beautiful

Looks like it's my responsibility to come up with some insights into the current output from Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland a.k.a Hype Williams. Kinda curious as to why they're not using their proper name anymore. It'd be sad if...view item »

Hype Williams
Rainbow Edition

Who the hell is Hype Williams? This is a question not asked due to journalistic naivety, but a question that is possibly on the lips of Hype Williams fans everywhere. Notorious pranksters Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are quite possibly doing the best tricksy business they can, ...view item »

Dean Blunt
Black Metal

A truly singular and unique voice, my interest in Dean Blunt was first piqued with his first solo album ‘The Narcissist II’ with its smoky oddball grooves and spoken word monologues. The fragmented ‘The Redeemer’ was possibly a curveball too far and didn’t quite hit the mark but ‘Black Metal’ is surely t...view item »

Dean Blunt
The Redeemer

Being a reviewing machine, I don’t often have trouble figuring out what to say about a record. Much of the time it’s actually difficult to stop talking about things, but on this record here Dean Blunt seems to have headed in a pretty new direction, easing off on the dubby weirdness and screwed up gl...view item »