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Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland
Black Is Beautiful

Looks like it's my responsibility to come up with some insights into the current output from Dean Blunt And Inga Copeland a.k.a Hype Williams. Kinda curious as to why they're not using their proper name anymore. It'd be sad if...view item »

Hype Williams
Rainbow Edition

After several years off pursuing their own projects, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are back with a new album as Hype Williams. Except they aren't, as the press release reckons neither of them are involved. Or are they? The woozy, disjointed music they previously concocted has spawned lo...view item »

Dean Blunt
Black Metal

This probably isn't the new Bathory album. Dean Blunt, previously of Hype Williams fame, is becoming one of the most singular voices and visionaries in what we would probably call 'experimental' music. He makes records that traverse genre after genre until they all diminish (seriously, though -- 'The Redeemer' is voicemail-core, with plenty of d...view item »

Dean Blunt
The Redeemer

Being a reviewing machine, I don’t often have trouble figuring out what to say about a record. Much of the time it’s actually difficult to stop talking about things, but on this record here Dean Blunt seems to have headed in a pretty new direction, easing off on the dubby weirdness and screwed up gl...view item »

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