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Brock Van Wey Vinyl, CD & tapes by Brock Van Wey at Norman Records

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A Different Definition of Love

Indefatigable sadbienteer Brock “bvdub” Van Wey has certainly been bashing them out - we’re now at album number thirty. And A Different Definition of Love is a biggun; it could fill entire valleys with the weighty cine-romantics of its sprawled, forlorn tunes. All the bvwey techniques you know and love are present: Indistinct voices, layers of slow, wilting synths, ropey dub bass and a whole lotta release envelope.

Drowning in Daylight

The illustrious esquires at Apollo represent sadcore-ambient titan bvdub’s label of the week for Drowning in Daylight, a quadrilogy of teary twenty-minute longuns with right poetic titles. Now passing the thirty album mark, Brock Van Wey can be counted on for the skills to pay the bills and give your ears some cinematic thrills.
  • Vinyl Double LP (AMB1809)
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A Thousand Words

On A Thousand Words, acclaimed ambient and dub techno factory Brock Van Wey (real name bvdub) presents a CD containing a single, multifaceted 77-minute live session. Throughout this ode to love, restoration and cats, the contents range from quiet piano motifs to full-on storms of churning pads and a great deal inbetween. With such a range of sound sources at once (tape loops, synth, live instruments, voice and more...), this one’s a bit unusual for bvdub and quite a showcase of his various interests.
  • CD (IF-73 / Fact-001)
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  • Brock Van Wey


Beloved in the concrete court of Norman is bvdub, the heartbreaking ambient techno artist responsible for a slew of the loveliest releases. Real name Brock Van Wey, his work is both harnessing and expansive, bringing the listener close while scoping out big natural landscapes (check that one on the front cover). Heartless is the twenty-ninth record in this project, if you can believe it, and is purposed to sound a little huger in its layers.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MD258LP)
  • CD (MD258)

Epilogues for the End of the Sky

Brock Van Wey is a man with many outputs. Earth House Hold for deep house, East Of Oceans for drum and bass and his constantly expanding bvdub ambient project which digs as deep into the emotion of electronic music as you can. After swathes of releases on n5MD, AY, Darla, Echospace, and Kompakt he went self-released for ages and now returns in grand style to Glacial Movements. What a stunner.

Yours Are Stories Of Sadness

Interesting one this. Last year the prolific techno/ambient dreamscaper bvdub put a collection of 19 tracks up on his Bandcamp, saying each had been inspired by a poignant conversation with a hired dancer in a bar. Each cuts swells and aches with the title’s ‘stories of sadness’- half-remembered rave synths drown in a fug of reverb, melodies are mangled by synths that sound like sheet metal being scraped across brick, and the general effect is closer to Boards of Canada or even Explosions in the Sky than club traxx. Only 300 made and lovingly packaged by hand.

Brock Van Wey