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Theo Parrish
Thanks To Plastic

Theo Parrish has long been a critic of gentrification within the clubsphere, so it will have irked him mightily when London club Plastic People closed its doors in 2015. During his residency at the Shoreditch dive, the Detroit don’s sets bridged gaps between jazz, house and techno that went ...view item »

Theo Parrish
Gentrified Love Part 4

Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature may be turning twenty this year, but that doesn’t mean that the Detroit legend is resting on his laurels. Rather, the fourth instalment of his Gentrified Love...view item »

Theo Parrish
Preacher’s Comin / Gullah Geechee

New 12" from the pre-eminent Theo Parrish. The a-side, 'Preacher's Coming', is beautiful and elating piece of jazzy house music. On the other side is Gullah Geechee, both Parrish's edit of it, and the original to which he contributed. It explores the culture and language of the Gullah, who were able to retain more of their ...view item »

Theo Parrish
Black Jazz Signature

Arguably one of the world’s most important underground dance music producer/DJs lends his hands to selecting and mixing a set of jazz and funk records licensed from and originally released on the Black Jazz label 1971-1976. Theo gives special attention to fellow Chicago musicians The Awakening (3 consecutive t...view item »

Theo Parrish
The Baby Steps EP

Typically high-quality vintage Theo Parrish material from 1996, now re-pressed for your pleasure by Sound Signature. Three tracks here, all of them listed as A-sides, and who could argue? Each of the featured cuts here swing deep with groovy melodic deep hous...view item »

Theo Parrish
Parallel Dimensions

Here’s some vintage Theo Parrish from the vaults of the master. Parallel Dimensions first saw release as a five-track double 12” in the year 2000, but was expanded to the nine tracks you see here in 2004. Parrish’s delicious deep house is brimming with dubby vibes and African percussio...view item »

Theo Parrish & Specter
Music Gallery Detroit Four

Live recording taken from Theo Parrish’s annual Music Gallery party, whose sole aim is to provide a party without distraction, including knowing who the DJ is. Available on CD and Cassette It features some of the set played by Parrish and Chicago producer Specter. Massive party house vibes. Casset...view item »

Theo Parrish
First Floor - Part 1

Theo Parrish’s 1998 album First Floor has been a staple in house music since it’s release. Nothing has changed. Now being reissued by Peacefrog, it is still fresh as hell and shows us new kids what’s right. If you want to hear how sample based house should be made, look no further, yeah that’s ri...view item »

Theo Parrish
First Floor - Part 2

Second half of Theo Parrish’s highly influential album from 1998 First Floor. Reissued by Peacefrog, the album laid a benchmark for future house music and in all honesty still kicks the hell out of a load of contemporary attempts. Innovative, non-standardised soulful piano motifs and enviable drum programming make...view item »

Theo Parrish feat. Amp Fiddler and Ideeyah
Gentrified Love Part 3

Theo Parrish continues in his groovy mission to gentrify love with Gentrified Love Part 3, which is a collaboration with (former Parliament-Funkadelic member) Amp Fiddler and vocalist Ideeyah. The collaborators pull Parrish in a particularly soulful dir...view item »

Theo Parrish and Amp Fiddler
Gentrified Love Part 1

Super-producer Theo Parrish here enlists a Detroit legend from a slightly different sphere to collaborate on a track. Amp Fiddler did time in George Clinton’s Parliament / Funkadelic universe, and apparently introduced J Dilla to the MPC(!...view item »

Theo Parrish / Burnt Friedman
Meets Mancingelani / Zinja Hlungwani

This Parrish mix is a right galloping slice of demented pie. On headphones it sounds like about three different tunes are playing, one a slamming euphoric shaangaan rhythm track, one that sounds like Jamal Moss is making his machines sing like woodland sprites and the other sounds like an...view item »

Theo Parrish, Duminie DePorres, Wajeed
Gentrified Love Part 2

Detroit house legend Theo Parrish returns with a 12" on his Sound Signature label featuring previous collaborator Duminie DePorres plus Dirt Tech Reck boss Waajeed. “Warrior Code” dives straight into the deep end, touched with soaring atmospherics and shimmering synths. “Leave ...view item »

Theo Parrish

Originally released in miniscule quantities in 2010, Sound Signature have repressed it for the general masses and bundled it with repress of Theo Parrish’s Something about Detroit white label 12”. If clunky and dusty experimental techno and house is your bag, Theo Parrish is your… bag...view item »

Theo Parrish
Summertime Is Here

Theo Parrish’s 1999 tune Summertime Is Here has been just crying out for a re-press: happily, Sound Signature have obliged. The tune is a perfect mixture of Parrish’s interests, being a genuine jazz tune fitted to the structure of a deep house beat. Beautiful and entrancing stuff from a mast...view item »

Theo Parrish
Roots Revisited

Theo Parrish is a man with a mission. A producer who needs to push boundaries with every release; a musician with the spirit of jazz, soul music and African rhythms flowing through every vein. Each release is different, every record pushes a different set of buttons and this quirky 12" on his prolific Sound Signature label takes the listener on a d...view item »

Theo Parrish
I Can Take It / Sawala Sayale

Always-excellent producer Theo Parrish presents his own take on Matthew Recloose Chicoine’s tune I Can Take It, featuring vocals from Dwele. Both this track and the B-side’s Sawala Sayale are slowly-growing, smoothly-grooving slices of quality business. Originally r...view item »

Theo Parrish
Pieces of a Paradox

2016 repress for the Detroit don’s Pieces of a Paradox vinyl 12”. The singular Theo Parrish sound is in full effect here, and both tunes are slow and deep house cuts bathed in Motor City musical history. Parrish takes his time to slowly build up rhythmic elements to create something ecstatic. These t...view item »

Theo Parrish & Marcellus Pittman
Essential Selections

Limited 2015 12” vinyl repress of this tough house collaboration. Detroit selector and house don Theo Parrish goes head to head with Motor City pal Marcellus Pittman. Their distinctive brands of soulful, melodic house are combined into three thoughtful and understated grooves. This Sound Signature...view item »

Theo Parrish
American Intelligence

Theo's done it again! The Detriotian's first LP since 2007, American Intelligence has been a long, long, long time coming. Fusing jazz, house, techno and other balearic bits and bobbins, Parrish oozes out his effortlessly soulful bottom movers. Features from fellow D' natives Marcellus Pittman, Ideeyah ...view item »

Theo Parrish
Footwork / Tympanic Warfare

Funky ass shit from Detroit’s Theo Parrish back on his on Signature Sound label with the stonking ‘Footwork’. From the opening hi-hats and bassline it’s immediately clear this is one of Theo Parrish’s pr...view item »

Theo Parrish
71st And Exchange Used To Be...

Super Ltd 12" on The Trilogy Tapes / Sound Signature/ Palace Skateboards. Tracks: 71st And Exchange Used To Be... Petey Wheetfeet Blueskies Surprise ...view item »

Theo Parrish
Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be

Detroit's finest house/techno vendor, Theo Parrish, has thrown off this 12" comprised of two excellent cuts, for Sound Signature. It offers more of the usual: gnarly basslines that make you giddy with happiness, brooding production that feels comforting and rugged low-end that signals home. Grab it while you can....view item »

Theo Parrish
Goin' Downstairs Part 1 / Goin' Downstairs Part 2

And lo, Theo Parrish went downstairs. There's a lot of that on this 12", comprised of part one of Goin' Downstairs on the A-side and part two on the flip. Our techno hybrid scientist offers his typical eclectic mix of genres but looks on the dhb side of life in particular. Thank god for Parrish; we were a...view item »

Theo Parrish
Long Walk In Your Sun / Strawberry Dragon

Grrr, its another of those 33/45 records. At least on the A side. The fact that the flip definitely plays right at 33rpm, means I'm gonna judge both tracks at that speed. Now thus isn't a criticism, I quite like this sort of track when it works at both speeds its a kind of bogof offer. So on this basis, Long Walk In Your Sun is either a slow, ja...view item »

Theo Parrish
Natural Aspirations (Vinyl Versions Part 1)

Much needed and well deserved repress for Theo Parrish's Natural Aspirations twelve on Sound Signature. Originally released in 2003, this is classic Theo with "Friendly Children" making for a perfect party jam. ...view item »