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After posting two entries on their Realm Of Consciousness compilations, German mainstay Recondite can now add a full EP for Afterlife to a CV that already includes drops on Ghostly International, Hotflush and Innervisions. The six tracks that comprise Rainmaker are brooding dystopian tech-house that is not dissimilar to fellow Afterlife signees Tale Of Us and Fideles.
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Bavaria's Lorenz Brunner releases his fifth LP as Recondite, his first in 3 years, named Daemmerlicht. The record contains suitably twilit material, as Brunner eschews his trademark blend of acid and techno for a largely more downbeat affair -- incorporating elements of ambient, hip hop and even classical music. Spacious, expansive music to soundtrack the lengthening Spring days and later dusks. 

On Acid

The record is called On Acid, and it is released by the Acid Test label, so no surprises that it contains… Aciiiiiiiiiid! Recondite doesn’t just go all banging all the time though, but sinks into some more thoughtful vibes for much of the record. Still acid though. Reissue, with remixes from Tin Man and Scuba added in.


As crisp and ghostly as ever, Recondite returns with a 5-track EP containing exactly what you would expect - chilling electronic oddities, shimmering synths and grade-A icy production. Self-proclaimed as "a bit more serious" than any previous works, the offering is tinged with melancholy. But with an ever burning light of optimism at the end of the hauntingly sparse tunnel.


Placid is a crafty name for an album of acid jams isn’t it? Here Recondite goes even further out than on his debut On Acid (which is included here on the CD version as a generous bonus). Still keeps things plenty banging though. Released by Absurd’s spin-off imprint, the suitably named Acid Test.

Limber / Undulate - Lawrence Mixes

Two new tracks from acid traveller Recondite, out in advance of his Placid album (and accompanying the reissue of his older record On Acid: busy times for acid fans). Limber and Undulate continue the mission of taking acid into new zones, and on the B-side Lawrence presents two remixes of Undulate. 12” on Absurd.

Think Twice

Two sides of careful techno here from Recondite. Both of Think Twice’s tracks go above and beyond just being straight dancefloor fodder: instead, they follow a journey of constant development, new rhythmic elements emerging and fading from the depth of the sound-field. 12” on the Life And Death label.


Recondite makes techno that's all about the atmosphere, as if the landscape is his subject, setting and audience -- you can bump it in the club or put it on headphones, but it always sounds more expansive than that. His newest record, 'Iffy', is driven and typical techno, in some ways, but it also sounds emotive and impassioned. Unabashed Berlin.