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Dead Moon
Strange Pray Tell

This is great. Considering the low fidelity and the loose arrangements, the quality of the songwriting is amazing. This is what X could have been like if that meddling Manzarek hadn't taught them how to play "Soul Kitchen". Listening to it in the car today, one of my friends asked to hear "Play With Fire" a second time. He also quite likes NOFX ...view item »

Fred & Toody
Live at Third Man Records

Another hot brace of live recordings made within the analogue haven of Jack White’s Third Man Records and cut down to 7” single length. Fred & Toody are a spin-off project of the band ...view item »

Dead Moon
Nervous Sooner Changes

Dead Moon played a gnarly form of rock music, bluesy enough to be released on the legendary Mississippi Records. Nervous Sooner Changes almost channels The Rolling Stones at points, quite a compliment for the genre. A good balance between mournful ballads and straight up rockers on this 1995 album, now ...view item »

Dead Moon
Stranded In The Mystery Zone

Dead Moon, a three-piece from Clackamas, is known for its own particular brand of rootsy garage punk. Fred Cole is the band leader, and is also known for his 60s psychedelic group, the Lollipop Shoppe. Generally, this album is considered one of the best Dead Moon albums, although my personal favourite is probably Strange Pray Tell. This album is...view item »

Dead Moon
Unknown Passage

Reissue of Dead Moon's highly sought after 1989 album 'Unknown Passage'. This is the second album from the Portland four-piece, who combine punk and country and flourish it with a good lick of  unnerving darkness. Stripped-down and solid, the band was fronted by Fred Cole, who went on to form Pierced Arrows. Lovingly remastered and availabl...view item »

Dead Moon

Defiance, Dead Moon’s fourth album, is full of attitude and has songwriting chops to match. Originally released in 1990, this is the first time the album has been available worldwide on CD. Defiance includes the fan favourites and Dead Moon classics, Dagger Moon, Johnny&rsquo...view item »

Dead Moon
In The Graveyard

Issued worldwide on CD for the first time, Dead Moon’s 1988 debut album, In The Graveyard is a visceral rock classic. Dead Moon sound like a meeting of minds between AC/DC, Love and The 13th Floor Elevators. The three-pi...view item »

Dead Moon
Trash and Burn

Fred Cole has been screamin' at the top of his lungs since 1965. Music that has no heart is music that has no soul. Dead Moon represent what is right about Rock-n-Roll in this day in age. They do all the recordings themselves and in the process leaving a bit of there souls for the listeners. One of the Pacific Northwest most underrated bands put...view item »

Dead Moon
Live at Satyricon

At the height of their grunge powers in the late 80s and early 90s, Dead Moon have been disbanded for a while. But today, we live under a waxing moon: relive the days of yore with this live recording from their powerful 1993 performance  Live at Satyricon. Mashing punk, country and lo-fi garage together, these old ...view item »