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Manni Dee Vinyl, CD & tapes by Manni Dee at Norman Records

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Manni Dee
The Residue

After a few years dropping EPs on labels like Perc Trax, Leyla and Earwiggle, Manni Dee makes the jump to Tresor for his debut LP. The Residue is an uncompromising listen that intends to mirror the dystopian state of modern London life in sound. EBM, industrial, acid and hardcore influences crop up all over this LP and come as Manni Dee’s soundtrack to the grim realities of gentrification and atomisation that are part-and-parcel of life in the Big Smoke these days. Fortunately for him (and us) he’s still managed to make this thing bang.

Manni Dee
Dreams, Fears & Idols

Manni Dee proves he is not one for messing around with his new 12" Dreams, Fears & Idols out on Osiris Music. Punching you upfront and into the face, these rugged techno vibrations are dripping with nefarious terror, which will leave you convulsing and battered. One for the heads, Manni is the metaphysicist of the big-room.

Manni Dee
Throbs of Discontent

Ex-Brighton, currently in London, a string of releases on some of the most considered underground techno and bass music labels… Manni Dee has long been crafting his own place in UK techno. Alongside the particularly driving propulsion, his tracks, as on this new 12” EP on Perc, cause a storm with barely veiled political frustration.

Manni Dee
Behaviour Cycles

Manni Dee presents 4 tracks of the hard stuff. Behaviour Cycles is techno driven by very firm beats, with acidic synth-lines completing the picture. Tracks like ‘Oligarch Orgy’ and ‘Challenge & Resist’ drop the listener straight into the atmosphere of a vigorous techno sweatbox, oblivious to all but the dance. Intoxicating action on Earwiggle.

Manni Dee, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker and Gareth Wild

Here's the inaugural release from MLTred - Malta Red - which is a spinoff label of LDNwht - Loudon Wainwright. It's an international four-way split 12" which showcases Manni Dee, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker and Gareth Wild, with each giving their own hard and energetic take on pulsating techno beats and bleepy repetitive synths.
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  • Manni Dee

Manni Dee
Amid The Collapsing Scenery

Manni Dee makes his debut for the Candela Rising label, and does so in style: these two tracks are backed by pounding beats and bring gnarly industrial sounds in to help. The basslines aren't that much sunnier. The two tracks that make up Dee's 'Amid The Collapsing Scenery' are joined by a remix each, one from German techno professor Ancient Methods and the other from Shawn O'Sullivan. 

Djrum / South London Ordnance / Manni Dee & Deft
Future Foundations Part 3

Oscar Mulero/ Forward Strategy Group/ Exium and Manni Dee
Perc Trax Vs Pole Group Pt. 2

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  • Manni Dee

Manni Dee
Between Desire & Deeds

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