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Ssaliva Vinyl, CD & tapes by Ssaliva at Norman Records

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Unplugged Vol. 1

The first volume in a new series from the French electronica producer-come-abstractionist Ssaliva. 11 tracks in 20 minutes, these sketches play out like frail pop motifs yet to be turned into their full being. The unplugged notion here is one of being incredibly stripped back, delayering his dense experimental electronic palettes to even just a simple plucking of strings. Limited CD on JJ Funhouse.

We Never Happened

Being welcomed to the Esker label for his 6 Full length album Ssaliva crafts swelling electronic pieces with sometimes near implausible sound design and an otherworldly synth palette. A down the rabbithole journey that is a definite must for fans of Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca, Ash Koosha, Aphex Twin.

Be Me

Ssaliva presents Be Me, a record that encompasses his full range. Some tracks shuffle back and forth between fragments of melodies, via filter sweeps and sudden new elements. Others recline into shiny ambient synth drift that sounds like the sleeve art looks. There are only 300 copies of this 180g LP, from Ekster.